Friday, January 18, 2013

Sugar Plum Kitchen in Tuakau, New Zealand.

Tuakau is a tiny but growing town, about 40 mins south west of Auckland. It is off the main route, but the trip to the area is well worth it. You will meander past green fields filled with contented cows and then a few clicks further on, you will see the market gardens that provide Auckland with its fresh veggies.
Once you enter the town, you will notice that a good deal of 'reinvention' has been going on. Tuakau is no longer the 'little town, locked in a time warp;' it has morphed into a trendy little town. The iconic hotel has been transformed into a modern and atractive establishment, with yet a another new one almost next door. The main street of Tuakau no longer looks doudy; it too has had a make-over.

Across the railway line, take a right turn and you will come upon a new row of shops, the first being the Sugar Plum Kitchen. When you enter the clean modern cafe, you will meet Aimee, the owner. She and and her co-worker will make you welcome. For those seeking a gluten free option----not a problem. Aimee seemed to be well versed in the requiremnets for gluten-free food. The cafe represents a nice break in the journey to distant destinations. Check it out---you won't be disappointed.

Website terrorism! My site was hacked from Russia.

I was wondering why my website---   was not showing much action. I contacted my ‘host’ and was informed that it had been hacked by some, low-life in Russia. I suppose that is the price that one can pay when you are trying to put yourself ‘out there,’ whether it be for books or blogs. I have been assured that it will be up and running again soon and that it will have extra ‘protection.’ I guess no one nation has a monopoly on having citizens who can only make a living through dishonest means. I also come to the realization that then world is not a nice rosy coloured place where b ad things don’t happen. I also place a great deal of trust in the mantra, ‘what goes around comes around.’  well I hope it is!