Friday, February 7, 2014

Russians are proud of Sochi--they should be---it's magnificent---but

I hope that the Winter Olympics are not remembered for anything other than the magnificent sportsmanship and the wonderful venue. However, there are some issues that will dampen the enthusiastic outcry of Russian pride. Perhaps Russians want to be distracted from the more negative aspects of life in Russia at the moment. Perhaps they don't care about the direction Putin is taking their Mother Russia. Maybe the double standards around rights for gay people or the eroded freedom of the press are just too hard to get their heads around. The games are a distraction from the journey that, deep down, they know they are heading, as their leader thrusts Russia back to the times of the Cold War. Make no mistake in your thinking my friends; that is where the world is heading as Putin, Obama, the EU and a China who will not be content to sit on the sidelines with the likes of India, Brazil and perhaps Indonesia, take us once again to the precipice from which we thought we had left behind.
Put aside my dark thoughts if you must; I understand your need to 'seize the moment,' no matter how brief it is.

The Tango is more than a dance---it's an------

New Zealand has developed yet another beautiful product, one that has a romantic name; one that fills you with tension as you contemplate your first---BITE! Bite?  Yes, I am talking about NZ's latest apple, named after the mysterious, sexy and passionate Argentinian dance---the TANGO. I suspect that will raise the eyebrows of our South American friends, some to the point of total disbelief that we could usurp the name of their national treasure---the Tango. Do not take offence my friends; that is until you try this wonderful new apple. You will understand why it needs such a magnificent name, when you too take your first bite. Your mouth explodes with flavour as your senses take over----sound familiar? Better still---everyone---go and find these offerings from the Gods----and enjoy them,  just like I
 do. You will never look at the humble apple in quite the same manner. If it was in the Garden of Eden, then Adam wouldn't have bothered with Eve!

Key fails miserably to 'stand up to the Aussies. Maybe we need to be creative in our delaings with 'big coussie bro.'

Kiwis  have payed tax for many years in Australia, yet they do not get the benefits other 'Aussies' receive. That is unfair in anyone's books. Kiwis contribute to many aspects of Australian life, yet they are treated as second class 'non-residents.' The Australian PM says that Kiwis have unfettered entry into Australia, quite unlike any other group and he is correct in that observation, but he cannot justify the non acceptance of Kiwis as Permanent Residents or denying citizenship to many Kiwis. Yes, we make Aussies welcome here after two years and grant them full rights. OK, that is not going to happen in Aussie. What should happen?
Maybe we should give up that automatic right of entry if it means that we can enter on the same basis as other immigrants to Australia; that is, we get in  on the 'skills and other entry requirements,' then gain the rights that we lack now. Of course NZ would have to 'reciprocate' re the increasing number of Aussies arriving in NZ!

Hey---why not just become a 'special region' of Australia---the Eastern State---one where they can send all the 'boat people' and use us a s tax free 'entrepreneurial Zone.' They could really make us a 'developing State' in an enlarged Australia. Wouldn't that be just dandy?! So come on home, Mr Key. You did a crap job of representing us in Canberra! Actually---stay there!

One buzzy little number----nice!

No one is going to say, 'I didn't see that coming!' Yip, my sister's little reward for a lifetime of hard work is a cute little number bright, stroppy and---well you add the rest. It was sheer delight to ride in and being brand new, had that new car feeling that we all love. With the 1600cc engine the sporty car certainly made you aware of its power when you encourage the revs! OMG---I had to bite my tongue then the salespeople approached me. Thank God I didn't have my 'trusty Getz to trade in, otherwise I may have succumbed. Let's just hope that that old adage, 'all good things come to those who wait.' Now----don't get a ticket on your first day of ownership!