Friday, February 7, 2014

The Tango is more than a dance---it's an------

New Zealand has developed yet another beautiful product, one that has a romantic name; one that fills you with tension as you contemplate your first---BITE! Bite?  Yes, I am talking about NZ's latest apple, named after the mysterious, sexy and passionate Argentinian dance---the TANGO. I suspect that will raise the eyebrows of our South American friends, some to the point of total disbelief that we could usurp the name of their national treasure---the Tango. Do not take offence my friends; that is until you try this wonderful new apple. You will understand why it needs such a magnificent name, when you too take your first bite. Your mouth explodes with flavour as your senses take over----sound familiar? Better still---everyone---go and find these offerings from the Gods----and enjoy them,  just like I
 do. You will never look at the humble apple in quite the same manner. If it was in the Garden of Eden, then Adam wouldn't have bothered with Eve!

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