Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What country has the ugliest male haircuts in the world?

UNBLOODYBELIEVABLE! The 'Dear Leader' has ordered that all male university students (Yes they do have universities in North Korea, but, buggered if I know what they study other than how to please the Dear Leader!) copy his hairdo---you know---that ugly unbecoming excuse for badly trained 'stylists' version that thingy-what's-his-name, wears. I thought deeply about why his 'Dearest would decree such an abomination on his loyal subjects. is he so insecure that he needs to balance ugliness or lessens his unattractiveness when measured against the male population of his hermit kingdom. Surely, his actions take insecurity to a new height. I hate to think what he will order as he ages---compulsory -------wrinkles and fatness! Maybe the males of North Korea will get lucky and the stupid psychopath will watch a failing test rocket 'accidentally fall to the ground, upon which he is standing. Shite---won't North Koreans miss him! So---expect lots of 'bad hair days' coming to the ever-suffering people of NK>

Internet Party---a One issue Party or----

I hope that KDC's new party is more than just that---an excuse for a party, with a hell of a lot more policy than just issue re the Net. If not---where will they stand on other very important issues, lime Health, Education and social policy? Are they going to make up policy on  the 'hoof;' that is after the possible new MPs have 'hoofed it' to KDC's mansion. Don't forget, he can't stand, but he will be pulling the strings from his gaming chair! Can you see that I mean; the gathering of minions pledging loyalty to the KING, as they seek his approval for each and every policy as they seek to find their way on the political battlefield? Are they going to be a 'rightists' party of 'leftists' or try to capture the middle ground' a very crowded space. Politics is a very different world to the one that KDC inhabits and the reality will hit home pretty quickly if and when he ever garners seats in Wellington. What happens if KDC takes an 'unfortunate' trip to the UISA, at the behest of the FBI? Will those who 'serve him,' be able to act independently? Good on him for tyring, but the circumstances give me this uncomfortable feeling that it will all go haywire when it comes to coming up with and balancing dreams with reality. Still, Labour once had a dream, in times gone by. What are KDC's other than one centred on internet access? How will he pay for his dreams and is he more than just a 'pretty screen?'
We need to here a great deal more and hopefully in a manner that is not shrouded in party antics; the glitzy shallow type that I suspect KDC thrives on. WE want to hear real policies, that reach out to most NZers. It's in your hands KDC.

bariatric Surgery--almost a year now---what's new?

1) I used to take one step up--my brain went up, my body--straight forward---bugger!
2) I now take two steps at a time and my body follows my brain!
3) I used to spend a great deal on food and eat it all.
4) I spend way less and don't eat it all. 'Less is more!'
5) I used to hate shopping in for clothing--I inhabited the 'big blokes section.'
6) I now love shopping for clothes and I am now an internet shoping fan; just love the parcels form Marks and Spence and ASOS.
7) I used to hate walking--it was just all too much and I lied about injuries etc.
8) I can't wait to get home everyday to take my jack Russell out for her run.
9) I used to have bottles and bottles of prescription pills.
10) Where have all the pills gone?  Don't need them.

I have a gift---liife!

'Internet' Party launch today----it stands for?

All will be revealed today, as the much vaunted Internet Party launches itself into----probably oblivion! Yes, it may well attract a sector of the populace that spends most of its time, hidden away inn bedrooms, coming out only for substance and water, probably ordered over the internet, then disappearing into their ‘caves’ to interact with avatars or other imaginary reality perspectives. Come Election Day, they will possibly drag themselves out of their lairs, look outside then go back to their hideaways, thinking that they have voted just by being online and having earlier paid the huge sum of NZ$1.29 for three years membership to the new party. Given their distorted take on reality, they will feel most satisfied that they are supporting freedom on the net, whatever the hell that means and that they will be able to access anything they wish, without the big eye of the State interfering with their lives.
I know---many of you are calling ne a misinformed cynical old bastard who knows nothing about the internet and I have to admit that you are not totally wrong in your surmise about my skill in the area under discussion. However, I take a much wider view of life and I tend to look towards parties who take the ‘whole picture’ of how life presents itself and I have little respect for a party that seeks to subvert the spirit of MMP and slides into Parliament on the coattails of another party. Of course, some in that party are now having second thoughts about the ramifications of such an unholy alliance. It seems that some in that party have principles and wish nothing to do with the Internet party.
There is of course the other issues---the founder and doyen of the Internet party can’t even stand; thereby ‘ruling’ from a distance,’ calling upon his minions to visit him in his ostentatious palace in in a green part of Auckland, most likely making all the moves via---what else---the internet. God forbid such a future for New Zealand if his ideas ever take hold.
I do wish KDC well of course once he heads on back to the USA to face possibly spurious charges against his person, and for the fact that he has at least raised the bar re the debate about internet freedom and the right of hose using it to be relatively free from undue surveillance. There--- I think I have been fair to the ideals of this ‘much-loved’ young man.

'Evolution of human kind---progress after 5000 years of 'civilization!

My header is a lie---why?  Read on:
Syria---one of the 'cradles' of human endeavour--Now, a scene of utter destruction and complete despotism.
Iraq----Another Middle-Eastern centre of ancient civilization and the emergence of cities----Now a failed state, being torn apart by religious rivalry and corrupt power struggles.
Russia--A nation contributing  to art, music and political idealism. ----Now, descending into a paranoia ridden failed democracy, ruled by modern day oligarchs, intent only on maintaining their privileged positions.
Egypt---Yet another Middle-Eastern nation with a magnificent history. Now, joining the 'brotherhood of failed  states,' having thrown off a fundamentalist Islamic regime, only to have it superseded by an unelected military regime, destroying all vestiges of democratic institutions while making war on its citizens.
Central African Republic---A leftover piece of a former colonial empire. ----Now, still a discarded colonial vestige; only the rulers have changed, intent on destroying any hope of genuine nation forming, complete with religious and ethnic cleansing.
USA---The self-appointed 'world policeman,' with a desire to 'defend' democracy.----Possibly learning the hard way, that it can not act unilaterally to resolve those issues that it deems important, while the gap between its rich and poorest citizens has never been wider.

The list is much longer---the hope vested in the United Nations; nothing  short of dismal as the major powers play games  as they manoeuvre to protect their imagined and real interests. Has anything changed over the course of time? NO---just the geography on a map, but not the age-old human weaknesses of greed, lust for power and domination of those weaker.