Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Evolution of human kind---progress after 5000 years of 'civilization!

My header is a lie---why?  Read on:
Syria---one of the 'cradles' of human endeavour--Now, a scene of utter destruction and complete despotism.
Iraq----Another Middle-Eastern centre of ancient civilization and the emergence of cities----Now a failed state, being torn apart by religious rivalry and corrupt power struggles.
Russia--A nation contributing  to art, music and political idealism. ----Now, descending into a paranoia ridden failed democracy, ruled by modern day oligarchs, intent only on maintaining their privileged positions.
Egypt---Yet another Middle-Eastern nation with a magnificent history. Now, joining the 'brotherhood of failed  states,' having thrown off a fundamentalist Islamic regime, only to have it superseded by an unelected military regime, destroying all vestiges of democratic institutions while making war on its citizens.
Central African Republic---A leftover piece of a former colonial empire. ----Now, still a discarded colonial vestige; only the rulers have changed, intent on destroying any hope of genuine nation forming, complete with religious and ethnic cleansing.
USA---The self-appointed 'world policeman,' with a desire to 'defend' democracy.----Possibly learning the hard way, that it can not act unilaterally to resolve those issues that it deems important, while the gap between its rich and poorest citizens has never been wider.

The list is much longer---the hope vested in the United Nations; nothing  short of dismal as the major powers play games  as they manoeuvre to protect their imagined and real interests. Has anything changed over the course of time? NO---just the geography on a map, but not the age-old human weaknesses of greed, lust for power and domination of those weaker.

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