Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What country has the ugliest male haircuts in the world?

UNBLOODYBELIEVABLE! The 'Dear Leader' has ordered that all male university students (Yes they do have universities in North Korea, but, buggered if I know what they study other than how to please the Dear Leader!) copy his hairdo---you know---that ugly unbecoming excuse for badly trained 'stylists' version that thingy-what's-his-name, wears. I thought deeply about why his 'Dearest would decree such an abomination on his loyal subjects. is he so insecure that he needs to balance ugliness or lessens his unattractiveness when measured against the male population of his hermit kingdom. Surely, his actions take insecurity to a new height. I hate to think what he will order as he ages---compulsory -------wrinkles and fatness! Maybe the males of North Korea will get lucky and the stupid psychopath will watch a failing test rocket 'accidentally fall to the ground, upon which he is standing. Shite---won't North Koreans miss him! So---expect lots of 'bad hair days' coming to the ever-suffering people of NK>

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