Friday, July 4, 2014

Snippets from New Zealand-- again---and expect more!

Here's a few hints about what's making the news today on NZ: 1) NZ is a rugby mad country but on the way to the park to walk my dog, I noticed that the traffic was quite light. OH, I thought---must be the World Cup Soccer (LOL--that probably pisses off those of you who refuse to call the beautiful game, by that name). At the time of writing, Brazil was winning 2-1. Columbia hopes---I just hope that the mad buggers don't kill one another in their capital city of things go belly-up! Beautiful game with some nasty under-tones! BRAZIL ARE THROUGH! Am I excited?---not really. 2) The furore over the 'lack of sentencing' for the son of the Maori King is still causing ripples on social media and elsewhere within NZ. The rest of the world---well---you couldn't give a stuff! Actually, it doesn't really impact on the succession as the 'boy' has apparently made it clear that he doesn't want to be King! His older brother is being groomed for this position and that is probably the best outcome. Now--leave the kid alone -----He will get the message about his behaviour from his family! 3) The NZ Herald is often criticised as being politically biased. I hold to that view for the main part, but to give them a little credit, they have put up a generous exposé of the man who 'would be PM,' David Cunliffe. I have glanced over it and it seems to be reasonably sensitive to him. Not too bad, Herald, but I still don't trust you to report things in a totally balanced way. Let's face it, you are the 'face' of 'conservatism in NZ. 4) Isn't it wonderful when it is news that people who we loosely call 'Head bangers,' you know the ones who attend heavy metal concerts, (Yes, that genre still has lots of fans---not all of them old buggers!) often get 'head injuries, due to their exuberant antics that often involve a bit of bodily contact, especially of the 'head variety.' Jeeze, what a bloody incredible scientifically researched result of 'choice.' Jump up, get pissed and God knows what else, and---you complete the picture. Deafness is the least of your worries! Enjoy. 5) The Labour party is having its 'Congress' this weekend. Mmm---that's a new take on descriptive tags. Just make sure we get more of what we have seen in the last week---policies and less of the other games. Are you listening Trevor? OH, David---no more apologies please! Watch out for that man, Key---he will try and move the focus this weekend---back to his being in the headlights. Hope he can't see the truck coming!