Friday, June 1, 2012

'Stick up for our kids'--- a warning

There were some disturbing images on the new tonight. Amongst the protesters, there were claims that some of them are from what the media and politicians call the ‘rent a mob’ brigade. We must remain vigilant to make sure that this does not happen.  The government will jump on this if there is even a smidgeon of truth in the claims. Level heads must prevail during this difficult time.
Go out on the streets but don’t let mob mentality of any sort take away from the message we are trying to get across.
Use other methods like making appointment with your local MP, sending postcards to Parliament--- ITS FREE. Better still, make sure that everyone gets out and votes next election. This government was voted in and I am not disputing their right to govern, but we need to let them know that we will not tolerate a dismantling of our world renowned education system.

HI South Korea

It's so good to see South Korea joining my readers. I'd love to see more of you. I hope you enjoy my blogs. Watchout for my new website---coming very soon.

2005---Mr Key praises small class sizes in private schools

Mr key--- what a bloody hypocrite! In 2005 you praised private schools because they have smaller classes. OK--- you can afford to send your kids there (along with many politicians’ kids--- not just National.)
 I think your stance is no longer viable- Who can believe you? The groundswell of public opinion is no longer going to be diverted by your false claims that research backs up your policies. Let’s face it, research can be reported, bent and managed to suit any argument.
We are now going to see how Mr Key reacts when he is on the back foot. Expect some dramatic announcements that he will use to divert us all. Thank God, even he isn’t as bad as politicians in some countries, who would come up with something to really take the ‘public eye’ off the real arguments. ----or is he?


I wonder if the writer has ever spent more than a few minutes in a ‘live’ classroom. Does the writer have kids in a state school? Has the writer ever seen teachers near the end of a week, or worse, at the end of a term? I see stressed teachers every day, and I seriously wonder how they can cope, going home to their families.
Why are we surprised that the media beats up on out teachers, social workers and nurses when they take the politicians to task.
I am going to widen the debate to make a plea for our unions to reorganize, recruit more members and fight the apathy that has crept into our lives. We have too many people who believe that doing an honest day’s work will be enough and that if they keep their heads down, ‘’’’’’’’she’ll be right mate.’’’’’’’’
I have watched and listened and until now I have done nothing. I once again say---- let’s get back to the time when we marched, protested and made our voices heard. Don’t you feel the growing groundswell of opinion, emerging from many sectors of society?
We will be labelled in ways that we have heard before. The difference now is that we have more ‘tools’ at our disposal. We also have an incredibly techno knowledgeable group of young people who can lead the way and teach us oldies. But we too can revitalize our beliefs and make sure that our movement doesn’t get trapped into old mistakes. It is so good to see the sleeping giant of youthful opinion getting the message again.

Do you remember the way we used to protest---well

John Key and his government have unleashed an unholy alliance--- well maybe it’s a holy alliance. Those of us who took part in the anti-war Vietnam protest, Springbok tour and the anti-nuclear marches thought we had earned the right to rest a while. We have been lulled into thinking that such movements are a thing of the past.
Well no---- we need to get back on the streets and join the students. This time around, we have the tech savvy young people and a few old farts that have come to terms with such things as our allies.
Watch out for ‘flash mob’ actions and the use of every aspect of social media forums to add weight to the cause. Hell, even I am using Facebook to help change the minds of this fiscally fixated government.
I am not an old ‘ranter,’ trying to rediscover his youth: I am deeply concerned at the direction our government has taken. I always suspected that we would see the real colour of the National Government in its second term. We need to-p make sure that they do not get a third term and better still; make this one a short tenure.
The message to Labour and the others is to take our concerns seriously--- don’t take our support for you as a given, you must earn our support, by including us now in your policy making.