Friday, June 1, 2012

Do you remember the way we used to protest---well

John Key and his government have unleashed an unholy alliance--- well maybe it’s a holy alliance. Those of us who took part in the anti-war Vietnam protest, Springbok tour and the anti-nuclear marches thought we had earned the right to rest a while. We have been lulled into thinking that such movements are a thing of the past.
Well no---- we need to get back on the streets and join the students. This time around, we have the tech savvy young people and a few old farts that have come to terms with such things as our allies.
Watch out for ‘flash mob’ actions and the use of every aspect of social media forums to add weight to the cause. Hell, even I am using Facebook to help change the minds of this fiscally fixated government.
I am not an old ‘ranter,’ trying to rediscover his youth: I am deeply concerned at the direction our government has taken. I always suspected that we would see the real colour of the National Government in its second term. We need to-p make sure that they do not get a third term and better still; make this one a short tenure.
The message to Labour and the others is to take our concerns seriously--- don’t take our support for you as a given, you must earn our support, by including us now in your policy making.

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