Friday, June 1, 2012


I wonder if the writer has ever spent more than a few minutes in a ‘live’ classroom. Does the writer have kids in a state school? Has the writer ever seen teachers near the end of a week, or worse, at the end of a term? I see stressed teachers every day, and I seriously wonder how they can cope, going home to their families.
Why are we surprised that the media beats up on out teachers, social workers and nurses when they take the politicians to task.
I am going to widen the debate to make a plea for our unions to reorganize, recruit more members and fight the apathy that has crept into our lives. We have too many people who believe that doing an honest day’s work will be enough and that if they keep their heads down, ‘’’’’’’’she’ll be right mate.’’’’’’’’
I have watched and listened and until now I have done nothing. I once again say---- let’s get back to the time when we marched, protested and made our voices heard. Don’t you feel the growing groundswell of opinion, emerging from many sectors of society?
We will be labelled in ways that we have heard before. The difference now is that we have more ‘tools’ at our disposal. We also have an incredibly techno knowledgeable group of young people who can lead the way and teach us oldies. But we too can revitalize our beliefs and make sure that our movement doesn’t get trapped into old mistakes. It is so good to see the sleeping giant of youthful opinion getting the message again.

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