Monday, April 23, 2012

Beautiful solution for Perdy's barking and UPDATE


I am so glad that I expressed my feelings (albeit, very publicly) rather than acted on them. I am glad that I gave myself a few choices.
I rang the Animal Control section of Auckland City council who were so helpful and caring. I know such offices sometimes come in for a bit of stick, but I felt supported and listened to.
The person I spoke to advised me not to do anything as they had not received a complaint and also not to ‘debark’ or ‘collar’ her in any way. She asked if Perdy could stay inside and I said she could but that I would seek another solution first.
That solution has been staring me in the face for a few years. I work as a counsellor in a large secondary school in South Auckland. I remember once, many years ago seeing a counsellor who worked with ‘abuse survivors,’ having a smelly dog present in some of her sessions. Bingo! I thought. Perdy is a sensitive, nice smelling wee thing and I know when she has seen me upset (yes I cried when I saw some animals being hurt on an Animal Rescue show on TV) she comes over and licks me or puts her head in my lap.
Maybe I could have Perdy with me at school, but staying in the caretaker’s large section which happens to be only about 20 metres from my office. At that moment I saw the caretaker walking past my office with his child. No time like the present, I thought. I asked if he could come in for a moment.
I showed him then letter. I put my possible solution to him and he immediately agreed. All I had to do was run it past the principal. Once again, I was in luck. The principal saw me and I showed him the letter too. He said that as long as Perdy wasn’t in my office all day, then he could go along with my proposal.
I was over the moon. Yes, there is an issue that the caretaker has chickens, but he is going to screen them off. I have some rush screening at home--- maybe he can line that part of the fenced off area with it so that Perdy is tempted to rearrange the feathers of the said birds.
Tonight, we shall buy Perdy a new school bag for her books and a lunch box. I shall gradually transition her into the school day--- I will go home at lunchtime on Thursday (tomorrow is ANZAC day in NZ) and bring her back for the last hour and then increase her time here each day.
I shall use my new phone to take pictures and share them with you all. I hope this works and it will hopefully be a win win solution, for me and for the ‘unnamed’ letter writer. I am so glad I didn’t follow through on some of my irrational thoughts from last night.  

Perdy's barking--- update

As you know yesterday I arrived home to face an anonymous letter from a neighbour, threatening me with action from the SPCA because I was neglecting my dog. (In that person’s view my going to work constitutes neglect. After sleeping on this issue (Badly) I think I have several possibilities re what action I should take.
1)    Ring the SPCA and get some advice (Also getting  in first to let them know that they may receive a complaint)
2)    Ring the Vet—seeking advice re ‘debarking or some sort of collar.
3)    Ringing the council seeking similar advice.
4)    Writing a letter outlining our point of view and challenging the person(s) re the neglect issue and our willingness to talk with them, despite then being faceless at the moment.
5)    Selling the house (bit only taking the problem with us).
6)    Leaving Perdy locked in the house all day, like when she was young.
7)    Giving Perdy to a loving home---- never never never!
8)    Taking her to work.
I would really appreciate any feedback. I have issues with debarking and collaring--- are they really that bad? Since this little dog came into my life, I have become healthier. I received a good deal of support from neighbours as soon as I arrived home from work yesterday. They were prepared to write something saying that my dog is not a nuisance. I suspect that the person writing works night-shift and if it is Perdy barking, I can understand her frustration, but I wish she would come forward and talk. MMMM--- you see I am using the word—‘she. Perhaps I think I know who is behind this.
 Maybe there is also another option--- ignore the whole thing!