Monday, April 23, 2012

Perdy's barking--- update

As you know yesterday I arrived home to face an anonymous letter from a neighbour, threatening me with action from the SPCA because I was neglecting my dog. (In that person’s view my going to work constitutes neglect. After sleeping on this issue (Badly) I think I have several possibilities re what action I should take.
1)    Ring the SPCA and get some advice (Also getting  in first to let them know that they may receive a complaint)
2)    Ring the Vet—seeking advice re ‘debarking or some sort of collar.
3)    Ringing the council seeking similar advice.
4)    Writing a letter outlining our point of view and challenging the person(s) re the neglect issue and our willingness to talk with them, despite then being faceless at the moment.
5)    Selling the house (bit only taking the problem with us).
6)    Leaving Perdy locked in the house all day, like when she was young.
7)    Giving Perdy to a loving home---- never never never!
8)    Taking her to work.
I would really appreciate any feedback. I have issues with debarking and collaring--- are they really that bad? Since this little dog came into my life, I have become healthier. I received a good deal of support from neighbours as soon as I arrived home from work yesterday. They were prepared to write something saying that my dog is not a nuisance. I suspect that the person writing works night-shift and if it is Perdy barking, I can understand her frustration, but I wish she would come forward and talk. MMMM--- you see I am using the word—‘she. Perhaps I think I know who is behind this.
 Maybe there is also another option--- ignore the whole thing!

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