Sunday, April 22, 2012

A horrible letter in my box

Anyone who has read a few of my blogs would know that I have a Jack Russell. You would know that she is a central part of my life and that she is much loved and well looked after. Indeed some people, who know me well, make claims that she may be better looked after than some unfortunate kids.
Imagine how I felt when I came home today to open a letter sent anonymously by a person in our neighbourhood. The writer made claims that Perdy barks excessively, especially in the weekends and that I am a selfish and cruel owner. The writer also said that he/she is going to ring the SPCA to have my dog removed.
All of my neighbours received the same letter, as there are other dogs barking for this ‘shift-working’ person. Before I had finished reading the letter, a neighbour came over and said that I should not assume it is my dog and that the claims are at best, exaggerated. They are willing to put this in writing.
My first reaction was to feel sad, sick and wanting to immediately sell the house and move somewhere else. My neighbours said--- ‘no --- don’t do that.’
I am going to ring the SPCA tomorrow. I have already sent an email to the SPCA, asking for their help, if indeed it is my Perdy annoying the unnamed complainant.
My irrational side was prepared to sell up and go but deep down, if there is a problem, I know that I would only be taking it with me. I will talk to them tomorrow (the SPCA) and talk about ‘debarking’ too, but that feels so cruel. Maybe I should keep Perdy locked in the house when I am not at home, but that feels cruel too.
 You can gather from my ranting, that I am pretty upset by the letter. I wish I could talk to Perdy! Any suggestions?

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