Friday, August 26, 2016

I did a little research about the Coast--quite 'fruitful!'

   When I was looking for a property in Thames, one of my 'desires' was to have a bountiful garden and orchard, along with a few hens. Yes, I know---it sounds like I am a 'wannabe Good life,' kind of person, but one who is rather 'stumbly' when it comes to putting plans into action. Let's put that 'quantitative quality assurance ' issue aside for a moment and explore the results of my 'research' using Aunty/Uncle Google!

    I came across a piece from  a newspaper in 1886, which extolled the virtues of the Thames Region, and Tararu on particular and how it could supply the fruit and vegetable needs of Auckland across the water. My thoughts were--'Hell--Auckland must have been tiny.' Well, of course in the 1870's Thames was BIGGER than Auckland! That can be put down to the dreams of many seeking their fortunes on the gold fields.

    All the usual were there---the vegetables we all love---well not all of us, judging by the rubbish that passes for food, that many eat in these times, but there was a surprise on the list re the fruits available. Yes---cherries. That got me thinking. I already have a very productive apricot tree, so surely cherries would thrive. Both are stone fruit requiring a certain amount of chilling time. Thames is a little colder at night than Auckland, so maybe I can source a cherry tree and see what happens. In some dark recess of my ageing brain, I seem to recall an old syaing that--'where's there's gold, cherry trees grow.'Today's task?----Down to the two nurseries to see what they say and if they say wrong? I shall go further afield on my search for the Holy Grail!