Monday, April 14, 2014

Armed masked thugs are a substitute for following due process , Mr Putin!

Russia expects the world to believe that the images of armed, masked thugs, breaking into State department and police buildings in the Eastern a part of Ukraine, signify the populaces’ widespread desire to leave Ukraine and be part of Russia. Russia claims that it has no agents on Ukraine’s soil and that the spectre of discontent is fed by the majority of citizens in those ‘disputed regions.’
Get real, Mr Putin. Do you really want to take us back to those times from yesteryear that resemble some sort of tragic comic opera? That ‘stony face’ you present to the world is not at all believable!? The utterings of your underlings are total lies, albeit based on a belief that Russia feels encircled by the forces of the USA, NATO and the EU. OK, you may have reason to call for ‘diplomatic’ activity to lessen those long held feelings but you do not have the legitimacy to repeat what you have ‘achieved’ in the Crimea. If there is such massive resistance to the Kiev Government (Which I am not proposing as a shining example of democratic processes!) why are there not huge numbers on the streets of those cities and towns in Eastern Ukraine? Unlike your own country where police interrupt and arrest those who go against your will, Ukrainians still have the right to protest. They are not doing that to the extent that your intervention is warranted.
Yes, let’s have a referendum, in those territories under dispute; not one in the West of the country, because as you say that is tantamount to the Scottish people havening their fate decided by people in England and Wales. OK, let such a referendum take place about the future direction of Eastern and possibly Southern Ukraine, but it must be under the direction of the UN. How can we trust a Russian designed and led process given what has happened so far to this former Soviet outpost?
IN the meantime, pull back, Mr Putin. You are taking us all to place that we thought had become part of history. You are re-igniting the Cold War and you must take responsibility for your actions. There are better ways; ones based on honesty, not bullying and overriding of natural justice. Just remember, all dictators eventually face the wrath of tier people. I cannot believe that the tensions you are feeding within your own country will not come back to bite you in your rear-end!’