Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top Ten Countries reading my blogs

As of Sunday 20th May 2012 the top ten countries for reading my blogs are:
Saudi Arabia--15
Hong Kong---13
 And many other countries on 3-10


What makes the news?

In a world full of sadness and mad leaders, sometimes we turn to the stupid, mundane and downright ridiculous to make our day seem OK. While Syria burns and Afghanistan fights a losing battle against the Taliban and young men and women die trying to hold back the inevitable, we turn to our screens to watch a guy having his way with himself while he is supposed to be fixing a problem in a woman’s flat. How embarrassing for NZ to put such tripe on TV and then have it go viral on the net.
Are we really so bored and disconnected that we have to sink to such depths? Do those who control what we view really believe that we would watch in such numbers ----?  Apparently so. If that is the way of the future, look for some pretty crazy scenarios on your TV, probably making the first item on the news.
Forget about Global Warming, wars or plane crashes--- well until they really kill enough of us to matter. Tonight they may feature the toiletry behaviours of a chimpanzee or worse---- the mating foreplay of a pair of snails--- truly riveting stuff!