Saturday, June 7, 2014

Where are you taking me,'boss' (yeah right) she said.

Well me dear Perdy; yesterday was indeed one whereby you travelled far and had many adventures, but today shall be a little more 'refined' and less expansive, so search as you may via yonder window, try to keep things in perspective. Before I wrote these words of, shall; we say---intrepidiation when you give that look, I thought a quick trip to the park on the lower levels of Mt Eden, in a garden that lacks the presence of Adam and Eve, I thought that everything would go---calmly. Silly, silly me!
Yes you had a nice little romp amongst the grasses and trees and you played for a while with the Miniature Pincher; yes all that before you found the scent of whatever the hell it was that took your attention from any command that I presumed to issue.
Yes, you found a hole in the ground, just off the pathway and no amount of persuasion from me, could cause you to desist from your search. After all, is not such a passion bred into your genes. I had little hope of persuading you to come back with me, so that I could go on 'my' adventure, without you for the day. It was as if you knew, my little Jack Russell, that you would have to stay behind at home, searching the horizon of our little hideaway and keep people away from the realms that you most definitely see as your own. Oh well, you didn't get the rat, but methinks that next time we visit that garden on the hill, you will remember. As that  General Macarthur once said, 'we will be back!'
'Protect' your realm, little one!

Where's that bloody rat!