Thursday, January 27, 2011


Damn--- I was trying to load the article that appeared in the Central  Leader in December and it was rejected. OK --- if you want to view it-- then just google Neil Coleman author-- coastal yarns at Stuff and it should come up. OMG the picture. I was doing my best to look at the beautiful Pohutukawa in the distant. Its fun being a "model"at my age.

Well-- back to the real world of work tomorrow.  Yea-- the book is selling a bit now online. I better get on with the next one and get it edited--- less mistakes that way.

 Night everyone.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Mmmm-- I was going to post something everyday but that didn't quite work out.That's OK--- things happen eh.
Well its time to go back to work and regain the capacity to arise and face the world at 5.30 each day. Sleeping in until sevenish has been wonderful. I know I only have two people regularly reading this-- but that's cool--- they are both wonderful to talk to and understand where I am coming from. Selling one of my books was a lovely bonus but the real pleasure is in communicating with  them both.

I am getting close to sending my neck book (ROSKIL) for editing. I am going to be more careful this time to make sure that there are less errors. That cost money, but hopefully it will be worth it in the long run. My last book has only sold 100, but it is still early days in the world of writing.

I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that I would put up some recipes. Well for all of you lovely Gluten -free people and possibly those who like low GI stuff,  here here is my wonderful almost healthy recipe for an upside-down crunch. I boil up some rhubarb (yes I grow my own) and maybe some apple to cut the tartness. Add sugar if you have to or use Sitivia). Let it cool  while you mix up the base (what normally would have been the top).
I use a mixture of seeds---sesame, sunflower,  flax seed and pumpkin. Add some almonds to if you wish. You can add gluten-free baking mix if you want (or flower for those who want a non-gluten free product). Add as much butter as you want and make it squish between your fingers and press  into the base of a baking dish. Nothing is precise about most of the things I make so use your imagination. Oh yes-- the  crumble is nice with heaps of powdered ginger or cCinnamon too. So once the crumble is pressed, just add the topping and bake at about 180-200c until the top looks like its almost caramelized.
 See ya

Monday, January 10, 2011

Coastal Yarns-- where it all began

I'm sitting in the same bach where Coastal Yarns began last year. Ive been here with my sister for the last four days. The more I find out about Kapiti Island the more I am intrigued by its haunting presence.  I read about its history, both pre-European and the latter stages when it has become a magnificent nature reserve (including a good deal of the waters around it).

One thing I notice down this way is that the Pohutukawas are still very much in flower. My driveway in Auckland was deep red over  a month ago. I suppose its the more southern lattitude--- things are just later. Actually I enjoy that, because I get the bennfits of an extended season.

It is very hot here tonight--- a direct contrast to Wellington over the hill.  The bach is really old--- I'm told that it was probably built just after WW1. I love it's timeless feel or maybe time just forgot it. What an incredible place to sit and write. New stories keep popping into my head, but I have to contain them. I have two more books to get out there first.

I received a pleasant surprise today in the from of an e-mail from Parsons Books in Auckland. They have ordered two books. Hey its not much, but at least the book is slowly getting out there.

I met my wonderful publisher today down at the Paekakariki cafe. Emma is so encouraging. I will keep trying to sell my book but the links she is making should start a bit of momentum soon, so here's hoping.

Tomorrow we are going into Wellington on the train and will spend a bit of time in Cuba Street  and its environs. I'm sure we will have plenty of choice for lunch spots. Then its back to the bach and packing for an early morning departure for Auckland. Mmmmm-- do I really want to go back. Yeah--of course, my partner and the pets await. I hear Perdy barking evertime I ring home.

Keep the comments going so I can get a bit more focus on this.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Coastal Yarns: COASTAL YARNS by NEIL COLEMAN: "Here's another recurring theme in our house. I am sure many of you (OK-- well one of you cause that's all I have reading my blog at the..."


Here's another recurring theme in our house. I am sure many of you (OK-- well one of you cause that's all I have reading my blog at the moment-- Doug's my acorn).

There are two pets in our house; a lovely four year old cat called Jasmine and a recently arrived Jack Russel puppy  names Perdy. When friends heard about this arrangement they thew up their hands in horror.
'Dont you know that Jack Russel's  and cats don't get on--- it will be bedlam,' they said.

They were right. Bedlam arrived, right on time, in vast quantities. Initially Perdy observed from her containment. She drilled jasmine with her enquiring looks, trying to make out why "Puppy" Jasmine didn't introduce herself formally. At first, Perdy was only allowed out of her pen for relatively short periods of time as we completed her toiletry  training. She learned quickly to tell us when she needed to go outside to christen the lawn.

Jasmine in the meantime, regarded Perdy in her usual imperious manner; a trait that she still struggles to maintain. I suspect that there was a good amount of disdain shown towards us, as if to say---'What the hell have you introduced into this bastion of calm. Life was so good until you brought this black spotted thing into my home--- yes my home--- after all, you are only a tenant here.'

We tried to ignore the accusing looks, even after the card arrived. Yes, someone had the cheek to send a Xmas card on Jasmine's behalf. I mean she's clever, but  she hasn't learned to write or use the postal service--- yet.
You can guess what the card said.
 'Either the dog goes or I do.'

It hasn't quite come to that yet, but there have been moments when we wondered if they would ever get on. But nature has a way of working things out---- sort of. Actual fights haven't really eventuated. Perdy has this way of stalking Jasmine, in a mongoose-like fashion. She approaches and crouches as if to pounce. When Jasmine finished her spitting and meowing phase, she attempts to swipe Perdy with her claws. Perdy always jumps back, retreating to a safe spot. Jasmine just misses and quiet returns for a moment. Perdy of course, is far from finished. She waits until Jasmine  flees and jumps through the hole in the gate (its there  to allow access to the gate latch). Occasionally  Perdy manages to nip at Jasmine's fleeing leg, but I don't see any sign that she actually connects.

Some of you may be worried that Jasmine is getting the short end here. Don't worry. She has her way of stalking Perdy too and then taunting  her from a height. Its almost as if she is saying--- 'Bring it on bitch--- I'm ready when you are.'

Similar behaviours can be seen when  Jasmine is  passing through the cat door (which now serves as a doggie door too). Perdy takes delight in attacking, just as Jasmine is halfway  out the door. Perdy doesn't get it all her own way. If she is silly enough to follow Jasmine out the door, she is regularly the target for a pissed off pussy. So far, Jasmine hasn't caused any serious damage with her claws, although I have heard Perdy yelping a couple of times.

It is my belief that things aren't too bad. I am sure that Perdy just wants to play. We have observed them many times outside, interacting in more pleasant ways. Jasmine likes to watch  when  Perdy is in one of her early evening manic phases. You know the one, where dogs seem to go crazy. Perdy runs and jumps in a circuit, her little bottom bobbing up and down as she streaks around the small section. It only lasts a few minutes but Jasmine almost turns her head in a full circle as she trys to keep up with  Perdy's wild display.

I am almost certain that they cooperate when it comes to hunting. A few weeks ago a suicidal mouse was crazy enough to come into the section. Perdy and Jasmine immediately morphed into deadly hunters. They cornered the poor beast from two sides and eventually it was Perdy who proudly brought a wiggling mouse into the house. She was furious when we took the mouse from her.

Whilst all is not peaceful  in this formerly tranquil haven, things have settled to a predictable pattern. The fact that Jasmine just cruises imperiously past Perdy when she comes in for her meals, indicates that she has reached a level of tolerance that will prevent us having to choose between our two  beautiful companions. They are both here to stay. I guess it is us who will have to accommodate them.


Saturday, January 1, 2011


2011---- mmmm----here already. The passing of the old was so quiet this time. I joined a friend at his little house in the Waitakeries. What a sight. You often see people on TV with gardens that are bursting with produce and admire their attempts to be self-sufficient. Well Doug has really made an attempt to do this. On a small usable section site, he has made huge progress. He made raised beds, built from his own plans and there is now barely a part of his garden that isn't productive.

Amongst all this he has achieved a balance that invites you to sit and contemplate. I love the mixture of flowers an veggies that are organized into areas where you feel like you are moving into different rooms; each with its own feeling and view. Doug has organized every available space but he hasn't neglected the relaxing aspect of his garden. There are many places where you can sit and contemplate his efforts and  rest for a while, reflecting on your own world.

I can think of nothing better than coming home (if you had bothered to leave the beautiful spaces)  pouring a glass of wine and just sitting. I hope I can do something that is even half as successful as Doug. I'd be happy with that .  Good on you mate.


2)   THE DIJATC SERIES  (Damn --it's just around the corner)

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