Monday, January 10, 2011

Coastal Yarns-- where it all began

I'm sitting in the same bach where Coastal Yarns began last year. Ive been here with my sister for the last four days. The more I find out about Kapiti Island the more I am intrigued by its haunting presence.  I read about its history, both pre-European and the latter stages when it has become a magnificent nature reserve (including a good deal of the waters around it).

One thing I notice down this way is that the Pohutukawas are still very much in flower. My driveway in Auckland was deep red over  a month ago. I suppose its the more southern lattitude--- things are just later. Actually I enjoy that, because I get the bennfits of an extended season.

It is very hot here tonight--- a direct contrast to Wellington over the hill.  The bach is really old--- I'm told that it was probably built just after WW1. I love it's timeless feel or maybe time just forgot it. What an incredible place to sit and write. New stories keep popping into my head, but I have to contain them. I have two more books to get out there first.

I received a pleasant surprise today in the from of an e-mail from Parsons Books in Auckland. They have ordered two books. Hey its not much, but at least the book is slowly getting out there.

I met my wonderful publisher today down at the Paekakariki cafe. Emma is so encouraging. I will keep trying to sell my book but the links she is making should start a bit of momentum soon, so here's hoping.

Tomorrow we are going into Wellington on the train and will spend a bit of time in Cuba Street  and its environs. I'm sure we will have plenty of choice for lunch spots. Then its back to the bach and packing for an early morning departure for Auckland. Mmmmm-- do I really want to go back. Yeah--of course, my partner and the pets await. I hear Perdy barking evertime I ring home.

Keep the comments going so I can get a bit more focus on this.


  1. Welcome to Bloggy world. There’s a wonderful writing community out there – full of inspiration and information.

    I live near the Awhitu Peninsula. Is your book available in the local shops? Would love to get hold of a copy.

    Thanks so much,

  2. THanks Joanne-- I love the Awhitu Peninsula. It actually inspired me to get into writing and I have a rather ambitious project in progress (Sons of Orphues). It is going to take a while to get into print. I have gone as far as getting it editted and OMG-- that was a come down for me. I am having trouble getting the balance right between being a "teacher" and a story-teller. I have culled about forty pages of unnessessary stuff and paid a good deal of money to have it edited. I am glad I did becuase it has made me more realsistic about wtiring. So I embarked on the short stories contained in COASTAL YARNS.
    Yes you can buy it from my website Its a bit expensive there. Just e.mail me at and I will sell it to you much cheaper and post to you--$22 includes postage. I'd love your feeback. My frineds are too nice to tell me where its bad LOl My boss at work had a strong opinionn, especially about the mistakes. It is self published and not editied although I did pay someone to proofread it. Its amzing what gets through. Thanks for posting a comment00 Blast I am not sure how to speel check this.

  3. Haha! When I first started blogging everything was a bit woozy.
    OK, I'll send you an email shortly. Thanks so much for this.

    And I'd be happy to give feedback, but I'm not a short story writer, if that's OK. I'm looking forward to reading it. With my own writing, I jumped in the deep end and went for the novel - sigh. But I love what I'm doing and hope to be published one day like you. :)

  4. Hi Neil,

    I tried to send you an email via but it came back at me. Hear from you soon.