Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Onehunga foreshore finally happening. Watch this space.

Yes, the big machinery is there, frightenning the hell out of Perdy as it bites into the soil. She is most reluctant to go anywhere near the fence and the area of the park where they are going to build a bridge over the motorway to allow easy access to the foreshore ---yeah the bit where the Council is spending $28 million but can't guarantee that we will be able to swim there--- another example of 'NZ not 100% pure.' Oh well, I suppose it is hard to make such claims when the motorway and thousands of vehicles every hour pass close by and illegal outflows probably still dump their nasty waste into the harbour. If that statement pisses anyone off---good---- we need to get together as a comunity and demand that this project is going to be more than just a 'pretty face,' with an ugly substructure.
Perdy had the last laugh lasdt week. She sneeked under the fence (in the picture attached) and ran around like a demented---oh hang on---shenis a Jack Russell, afterall, and crapped in the grass. Damn---How was I going  to pick it up in my little blue bag. There's no way I can climb that fence for a  piece of s--- you get the picture.

Neon's mum faces a terrible dilema.

What mother would want to stand by and see her son suffer? The mother of Neon ran away in order to prevent a round of Radiography. She did not want to see her son suffer from the effects of this treatment. Neon may die sooner rather than later if he does not receive this treatment, but other medical professionals say there are other options.
I do not know who is correct in the claims and counter claims, but I feel for Neon and his mum. Who is going to decide whether Neon receives this treatment; the UK equivalent of CYFS in New Zealand? One would hope not. Perhaps the courts will but even then; how do they take into account the feelings of Neon’s mum (and dad)?
How soon does this decision need to be made? If it is a matter of days or weeks, can there not be an allowance made from other options to be explored? Surely for the sake of Neon and his mum’s feelings, a breathing space can be allowed so that ALL options can be explored. Who in the end will decide what is best for Neon?

Obama has recognised the Syrian Opposition Council

President Obama has recognised the Syrian Opposition Council as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people. Is this a good or sensible move? I really wonder, given the makeup of the body. I have expressed my concerns before about the outcome of the present struggle in Syria. Some components of this ‘Council’ pose a threat to the future of Syria.
It is all very well to combine the opposition to the current despot into a recognizable opposition, but is there not a possibility that we will see a Trojan horse from some sections of this council. Without a doubt the more extreme members of this council are willing to bide their time and because they are well organised, they will gradually take over, because they have been planning for years.
History has taught us that minority groups have risen to power in past struggles, simply because they have prepared and organized themselves prior to the ‘main event.’ Take the Bolsheviks in Russia; they had their members in positions of influence and simply rolled the more moderate opposition. That is how it is going to be in Syria, Egypt and increasingly other ‘Arab Spring’ nations.
Keep your eyes on the news and watch as the Muslim Brotherhood and it allies move to take control after the final demise of the current regime. That President Obama has backed this body causes concern. One does not have to look very far to see other stupid and dangerous actions on the part of the USA Government, no matter which ‘party’ controls the Whitehouse.

China---what are you going to do about your nut case neighbour?

The USA, Japan, South Korea and other nations have been concerned about North Korea’s launch of a ‘satellite bearing rocket.’  Anyone with half a brain knows that this is bullshit, and is nothing more than a thinly disguised testing of a long range missile rocket.
So China is perplexed and bewildered!  Big deal and welcome to the real world; one that the rest of us have been inhabiting for many years. A rogue nation starves its people and at the same time spends precious money that could have alleviated the position so many of the citizens on North Korea face.
It is time China ‘lean’ on its protégé neighbour and force them to stand down with their development of nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them. China can no longer exist without the rest of the world trading and buying its goods. If they wish to be part of the world trading system then they need to come to the party and accept that action is needed against North Korea, Iran and possibly others.
The world needs peace but it can no longer tolerate these crazy despotic nations holding us all to ransom. Get off your butt China and back any move that prevents further development of weapons that one day may bring the world to its knees and the destruction to your very borders. We don’t need any Mayan prediction to work that one out. China---we need you to act and be part of a safer world.