Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Neon's mum faces a terrible dilema.

What mother would want to stand by and see her son suffer? The mother of Neon ran away in order to prevent a round of Radiography. She did not want to see her son suffer from the effects of this treatment. Neon may die sooner rather than later if he does not receive this treatment, but other medical professionals say there are other options.
I do not know who is correct in the claims and counter claims, but I feel for Neon and his mum. Who is going to decide whether Neon receives this treatment; the UK equivalent of CYFS in New Zealand? One would hope not. Perhaps the courts will but even then; how do they take into account the feelings of Neon’s mum (and dad)?
How soon does this decision need to be made? If it is a matter of days or weeks, can there not be an allowance made from other options to be explored? Surely for the sake of Neon and his mum’s feelings, a breathing space can be allowed so that ALL options can be explored. Who in the end will decide what is best for Neon?

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