Wednesday, December 12, 2012

China---what are you going to do about your nut case neighbour?

The USA, Japan, South Korea and other nations have been concerned about North Korea’s launch of a ‘satellite bearing rocket.’  Anyone with half a brain knows that this is bullshit, and is nothing more than a thinly disguised testing of a long range missile rocket.
So China is perplexed and bewildered!  Big deal and welcome to the real world; one that the rest of us have been inhabiting for many years. A rogue nation starves its people and at the same time spends precious money that could have alleviated the position so many of the citizens on North Korea face.
It is time China ‘lean’ on its protégé neighbour and force them to stand down with their development of nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them. China can no longer exist without the rest of the world trading and buying its goods. If they wish to be part of the world trading system then they need to come to the party and accept that action is needed against North Korea, Iran and possibly others.
The world needs peace but it can no longer tolerate these crazy despotic nations holding us all to ransom. Get off your butt China and back any move that prevents further development of weapons that one day may bring the world to its knees and the destruction to your very borders. We don’t need any Mayan prediction to work that one out. China---we need you to act and be part of a safer world.

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