Saturday, September 6, 2014

Muruwai Beach was lovely today---ask Perdy!

Today dawned as a beautiful spring gift---the sun popped over the horizon causing Perdy to lick my face as if to say---'places to see, things to do----come on get up---now---no before! I did, heated up a quick breakfast from the leftovers of yesterday's excesses and was soon on the way to Doug's. After a quick look at his wonderful garden we headed towards Waimauku, where he needed to check out a place he is taking a class to plant some native trees and plants in a wetland area of a very nature caring farmer. Then, we had the flash of an idea---lets go to Muruwai Beach for a walk---we had overdone the eating a bit yesterday when we had a series of Tapa type food. Oh well, at least we can walk it off these days. The view over the Tasman S4ea was heaven in itself. White crested waves spilled upon the black sands, Perdy panted and finally broke out into a yelping that demanded to be let loose on the long beach. She had a ball, literally in her mouth when she wasn't chasing it and also in her pure enjoyment of being with us at this magnificent beach on Auckland's west coast. I shall let the pictures speak for themlsves. OH--after I post this,I shall take her down to Onehunga Bay. What a perfect end to a great weekend