Sunday, June 23, 2013

Left-over food is good, but----

Yes, with my new 'me' I can't eat much so there is still an issue re the left-overs in my house. It is hard making small meals and even medium-sized ones, often means that I have to either store them or feed them to the dog. Of course there is always the possibility of 'recycling' them. Take yesterday's big breakfast (for me that is).
I cut up roast potatoes, kumara and brussell sprouts and layered them in a dish. On that I threw in a few left-over mushroom and some freshly fried streaky bacon. Then I mixed up some eggs and milk with salt, pepper and stock, poured the mixture over the veggies and put a cut tomato over the top along with a sprinkling of real Parmagano cheese. I baked it for about 20 minutes then had enough to feed about 6 people. You know what I had for lunch but having it again tomorrow is strecthing things a bit too much. Yummy, but enough's eneough.  So---left-overs is well and good, plus it's cheap but when you have a tummy the size of my new post-bariatric one, well, things can get boring. At this rate I will only have to cook about three times a week!

RT (Russian TV). An interesting alternative.

From time to time, I switch my TV to RT (Russian TV) if only to get a slightly different point of view from my usual new source channels. Sometimes I find it quite refreshing and it is good to get away from the predictable offering re other sources, like BBC, New Zealand options, Aljazeera, CNN, and Australian news sources. Notice I did not include Fox, because I have long given up on that option because of the slant they seem to have.
Sometimes I have lauded the presentation of news on RT and I enjoy many of their documentaries. However the other night I saw an item about how many countries have treated ‘demonstrators’ when they pour onto the streets. Take the many examples lately; including Turkey, Brazil, The USA, Britain, and France; just to name a few. RT pointed out the similarity re the use of tear gas and sometimes, water cannons.
They neglected to report the same use of such devices re their own citizens during such acts of public defiance. Maybe I missed the reports of what they showed of the State or city official response to crowds of people expressing their grievances. One is reminded not to get too carried away when praising the reporting of ‘news,’ as there are usually vested interests behind all such reports.
I shall carry on watching my news from as many sources as I can, in the belief that more is better and that somehow I can find the balance and truth behind the presentations. I guess it is not possible to have an unbiased source to rely on and even then I have to accept that my perception is not necessarily shared by all! Your ‘homework’ is to analyse the reporting behind that latest ‘whistle blower’s attempt to retain his freedom. The USA is most definitely out to ‘get him.’

Sky TV's monopoly is under threat.

For a long time now, I have been unhappy about having to buy Sky TV as a 'package,' one that I cannot just choose what I would like to watch. One always needs to take Sky's offerings and that may well include having to take stuff that is just that---'stuff,' meaningless unwanted crap. If anyone tries to ask for a more targeted package the usual reply is less than helpful.
Now that there appears to be other options on the horizon re sports, perhaps this giant in the New Zealand Television industry will see the light and actually deliver what many customers want and do so willingly, because of they don’t they can expect many subscribers to vote with their feet. It doesn’t help their cause when they deliver adverts during a prime time sporting fixture either.
As for me---I just want to choose a package, entirely to my liking and receive it at a competitive price. I did look at Igloo, but of one wants to add on films the price becomes untenable, so Sky---if you are listening, get then balance right and you will retain your very loyal customers. If you don’t, then maybe you better put 'dinosaur' after your name.