Sunday, June 23, 2013

RT (Russian TV). An interesting alternative.

From time to time, I switch my TV to RT (Russian TV) if only to get a slightly different point of view from my usual new source channels. Sometimes I find it quite refreshing and it is good to get away from the predictable offering re other sources, like BBC, New Zealand options, Aljazeera, CNN, and Australian news sources. Notice I did not include Fox, because I have long given up on that option because of the slant they seem to have.
Sometimes I have lauded the presentation of news on RT and I enjoy many of their documentaries. However the other night I saw an item about how many countries have treated ‘demonstrators’ when they pour onto the streets. Take the many examples lately; including Turkey, Brazil, The USA, Britain, and France; just to name a few. RT pointed out the similarity re the use of tear gas and sometimes, water cannons.
They neglected to report the same use of such devices re their own citizens during such acts of public defiance. Maybe I missed the reports of what they showed of the State or city official response to crowds of people expressing their grievances. One is reminded not to get too carried away when praising the reporting of ‘news,’ as there are usually vested interests behind all such reports.
I shall carry on watching my news from as many sources as I can, in the belief that more is better and that somehow I can find the balance and truth behind the presentations. I guess it is not possible to have an unbiased source to rely on and even then I have to accept that my perception is not necessarily shared by all! Your ‘homework’ is to analyse the reporting behind that latest ‘whistle blower’s attempt to retain his freedom. The USA is most definitely out to ‘get him.’

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