Friday, February 10, 2012

For all of you---DIJATCs

Just in case you are wondering what DIJATC means--- well--- here goes--- “Damn, it’s just around the corner.’
I am of course referring to all of you ‘Damn, it’s just around the corner’ people. I’m one if you count three and a half years as being close to retirement. So, I’m giving away my age. Who cares--- I’m long past any of those feelings that giving away personal details, somehow makes one more vulnerable. The only vulnerability that goes with aging is the extended list of prescription drugs. Anyway--- haven’t you heard the latest research about aging? Yes, we may have more aches and pains, but apparently at 65. Our vocabulary is at its best. Ain’t that just creamy!
Just think of all the bullshit we can espouse, under the actual guise of possibly knowing a thing or two. So, bare with, bear with. As Miranda’s Mum says. If you don’t know who Miranda is, then stop reading now—OK?
Right--- I’ve got your attention and lost those who wouldn’t have a clue. For the elitist survivors, now lets put my proposition. If you are a DIJATC, you have more than likely pondered your near future; one without the number of noughts on the end of your weekly earnings. Actually they may well be in the form of a pension or ‘superannuation, plus a few extras if you are lucky. I think I belong to the last of the ‘lucky generation.’ Soon the generous largess with which the State bequeaths us in our final years will be diminishing in an alarming manner. Imagine retiring at 68 or even older and not being able to collect what you have paid for all of your working (or non-working) life. Never mind worrying about whether the ‘Gold Card’ will still be available; that’s the least of your worries.
The fact is that if you haven’t made allowances for the impending income implosion, then you (we) are in deep doggie poo). It is so easy to forget about that way out and beyond time when one has to adjust to a more stringent financial swamp. Yip--- it will be ‘sink or swim’ in the unknown sludge of that future.
So what can my lot do as we ponder the inevitable? I guess we are divided into several groups. There are the ones, through hard work, luck, inheritance, Scottish-like canny savings and I hate to say it, less than honest dealings in the darker side of life and possibly variations of all of the above. Then there are those who haven’t given a thought to their twilight years and have just got on with life, having fun and taking every opportunity to buy the latest gadget to take the ‘special deals’ on an overseas holiday, fully knowing that they were stretching their ability to actually pay for those ‘needs.’
I don’t want to give too much away about myself, other than to say that I feel like I can relate to bits of all of the above scenarios. I cannot get away from that DIJATC feeling though, so having laid the foundation for a very important discussion forum, I invite you to comment on my musings--- Hehehe--- but you will have to wait until my next blog. Don’t you hate it, when I do that?