Sunday, January 13, 2013

That great 'underarm bowl.' Guess what---it's still happening.

Any Kiwi who is over a certain age or a lover of cricket will know what I mean by that famous ‘underarm’ bowl.’ Well in a sense we are still being served that bowl, on a daily basis. Am I stirring up that which needs to be forgotten? Hell no. New Zealanders are being treated like second-class citizens by a system that is most one-sided. I better get to the point of my angry words.

I am talking about those New Zealanders, who for whatever reason have decided to try their luck in Australia. They need to take much closer look at what can happen if they have not made plans to support themselves and their families. For a start they will not have access to the generous provisions made for Australians, re education, health and other ‘support benefits.’

A new underclass is being created; one that is becoming desperate and possibly turning to crime in order to live, when things go wrong. For those who see the ‘lucky country,’ across the ditch (Tasman Ocean) as a way out of ‘difficulties’ in New Zealand, it is time they looked long and hard at any move to find a new life. They may be heading to a life far worse than the one they left behind.

What gets me is the fact that this doesn’t happen to Aussies coming to New Zealand.  They quickly gain access to the full range of what New Zealanders enjoy in the way of support. It is a very one-sided situation. Aussies get far more from the ‘system’ when they come to New Zealand. I suppose they say that the figures speak for themselves and that the flow is one way anyway; that is, far more New Zealanders go to Australia than Aussies to NZ. It was not always so.

There have been several times in history when the reverse was true. That will happen again. One only has to look at the long term future for Australia re bush fires and extreme flooding; all the result of global warming, to understand that the time is coming whereby New Zealand will be seen as the ‘kinder option.’ Latest trends re predictions around climate change suggest that this time is not so far in the future.

Perhaps my statements will be seen as extreme and that any suggestion that New Zealand will become some sort of ‘life boat’ for Australia are just fanciful predictions. Time will tell.’

OK, in the interest of balance re my protestations, I should say that for many New Zealanders, the above scenarios are just a bad dream; for ‘someone else.’ It is true that for a sizable number of the New Zealanders, the ‘dream comes true. They have jobs already organized and enjoy the higher wages and faster lifestyle. Their kids quickly adapt and see themselves as Australians. It is only when they need to access some of the ‘Aussie support systems,’ that the dream sours. Think carefully, Kiwis, before you jump the ditch! The grass can turn an ugly colour, so if you are thinkking of taking your family to Austrlia, read the articles in the herlad, today, through to Wednesday. We don't need out kids living inan environment where in places, youth unemployment and school drop-out rates excede those in NZ.

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Have you seen those DVD dispensers in the entry to some of the big supermarkets? Perhaps you just did what I have done for the past few months; walked past them and not really realised what they were. Well, today we stopped and took a good look and then went home to look them up online   After checking out what movies were available, we returned to the scene and checked out a latest releases; ‘Prometheus’  amongst them. The ‘dispensers are easy to use and a bit cheaper than some of the video outlets. I have decided to get rid of Sky TV films (except for Rialto). I figure as long as I share the cost with my partner I shall save a bit of money so long as we limit the films we takeout to about one a fortnight and share the cost. I was watching far too much crap on Sky anyway and most of the films come on TV 1, 2 and three eventually. I will record them and just flick through the ads---yeah, nice move Flixbox.   Mmmm--- I think will get rid of Sports on Sky too. Hell cricket is a bit of a downer at the moment eh. I can always get the rugby on later if I want.