Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Have you seen those DVD dispensers in the entry to some of the big supermarkets? Perhaps you just did what I have done for the past few months; walked past them and not really realised what they were. Well, today we stopped and took a good look and then went home to look them up online   After checking out what movies were available, we returned to the scene and checked out a latest releases; ‘Prometheus’  amongst them. The ‘dispensers are easy to use and a bit cheaper than some of the video outlets. I have decided to get rid of Sky TV films (except for Rialto). I figure as long as I share the cost with my partner I shall save a bit of money so long as we limit the films we takeout to about one a fortnight and share the cost. I was watching far too much crap on Sky anyway and most of the films come on TV 1, 2 and three eventually. I will record them and just flick through the ads---yeah, nice move Flixbox.   Mmmm--- I think will get rid of Sports on Sky too. Hell cricket is a bit of a downer at the moment eh. I can always get the rugby on later if I want.

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