Friday, November 2, 2012

Syria--- is the winner going to be any better than the loser?

If there is ever a winner in the tragic mess that is called’ Syria,’ will we recognize it as any better than the loser? Each day we see slaughter and mayhem and it is becoming increasingly obvious that both sides are to blame.
Add the fact that the conflagration is capable of spreading its destructive forces way beyond the borders of Syria. Another complicating factor is the part larger world powers play as they back one faction or the other.
We should not be surprised at the events we are witnessing. They have their roots in historic political and ethno/religious divisions. Thus we have Syria’s ‘dirty war’ playing out on our screens each day, along with that ‘chant’ that is uttered at every occasions, be it in celebration or in the act of battle. I suspect that a solution is beyond the Syrian people(s) themselves.
Who do we charge with sorting out the mess? The UN is divided within itself and regional powers either don’t have the will or the capability to step-up to the mark. I search the pages of history and throw my hands up in despair. I then come to the conclusion that having a faith/religion does not always lead to peace and harmony.