Friday, January 20, 2017

A guide to purchasing ROSKILL or TALK TO ME.

I don't know why, but today I had a few inquiries re buying my books online. Only ROSKILL is available as hard copy, but both books are able to be downloaded from AMAZON. There is a downside to buying hard copy online (Amazon). It costs about $54 whereas by contacting me direct ( I can sell it in NZ for $25, postage included. to Aussie for $32,

If you wish to buy the downloads from Amazon, you could of course do a search, but here is the easy way:
1) Go to my website (
2) Click on Neils Books
3) Click on Roskill---or Talk To Me
4) Click on the Kindle option---there is a free AP tere if you need to use a device other than Kindle

Happy downloading and PLEASE---leave a review. That helps me a great deal.

PS---If you want me to write more books, I need to sell the two featured here.