Sunday, September 23, 2012

Australia--- you are catching Russia up---is that because----

Yip---it's true mates. Russia is hardly hitting on my blogs now. I think that's because the ladies there have given up on me or maybe Mr Putin read one of my blogs and thinks I do';t love him. How could I not be impressed my his macho acts and his powerful Neo-Stalinist Revisonist throwback to the old Soviet Era. I am simply swept away in nostalgic wave as I contemplate the future of that proud and wonderful nation that is Russia.
Keep it coming---Aussie Aussie Aussie.

Oh Ye of little faith---see the light!

When one reaches a certain age, choices present themselves in quite a different manner. One needs to act on these choices or become a bitter and twisted old fart. I choose not to. Only two of those words apply to me and you can work that out for yourselves.
I know I have pontificated on a range of issues (see the picture of me below, practising on my mates---poor buggers) and probably put a few of you to sleep. The fact remains that I shall continue to put my thoughts out there and hopefully help to keep the debate going on many issues.
Once started I find it hard to stop and my aim is to stimulate your thinking and maybe some of you will respond. It’s not important that you agree with me; indeed on Facebook, many of you don’t. It is more important that we have ‘the discussion.’ Hell, I can even change my mind at my age when I read a well thought out reply.
Each year as various forms of social media become one of the main forms of communicating, it is becoming increasingly obvious that political parties need to take heed of our collective ‘musings.’ If they ignore us, it is to their detriment.
Gosh that was hard, not actually trying g to push any particular argument for a change.
 Don’t worry; I shall be back to my pontificating normal self, next time you read my blog.

20 Shark Attacks in NZ! Terrifying?---No--Dogs and cats are worse!

It seems that we are being attacked on a daily basis by our animal friends and sharks have been just one of many who are the culprits. If we took this headline too seriously we would all be heading for more gentle locations.
Right, let’s get the shark attacks in proportion. The actual chance of being attacked by a shark in New Zealand waters is pretty remote. Only two of the reported attacks by sharks were serious. Having said that, I would still not wish to be in the water when a shark decides to take a nip at your hand or finger. The classic scenarios of a Great White circling then having your bits for breakfast are most unusual. You need to go to Australia or South Africa if you want to part of their menu. Many of the so-called reports of shark attacks are very minor and may even have happened in a boat when a fisherman has hauled a small shark aboard, so we shall not get too excited.
You are more at risk of being knocked over by an excited dog as it chases your pooch. That happened to me when my mischievous Jack Russell ran under through my legs and her follower tried the same--- only problem, the follower was ‘big.’
There are even reports of cats and goats getting in on the act. Can’t you just see ‘Billy Bunter’ living up to his name? Take your lovely pussy--- just stay away from the claws and don’t piss her off when she’s tired.
If you hail from down on the farm, there are the sheep, cows, bulls and God knows what else to contend with. New Zealand is an agricultural country, so expect the odd shoving, pushing, biting and slipping type injuries.
So, dear tourists and others who have read the article about ACC (Accident Compensation Commission) injuries; rest assured, you will be safe in the water, farms, backyards and zoos in New Zealand. Just don’t come at feeding time.

Is Kiwi Rail going to further run down our railways?

Kiwi Rail is having a series of meetings to discuss redundancies with its labour force. I find this and some of the proposed closing of rail links (The Gisborne rail link, for example) as a short sighted move. At a time when we should be enhancing our rail system, Kiwi Rail (read the Government) is slowly but surely pushing our rail system to the point whereby it will only be a Main Trunk link in the North Island and in the two big cities.
What a narrow view of what rail could and should be. Do we really want all of the heavy trucks transporting goods on our roads, further endangering drivers and putting extra strain re the upkeep of the said roads?
We need to expand, not cut. There is a time coming, in the not too distant future when we are going to regret the actions we are reading about.