Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kurds everywhere, demand their own nation.

I ask a simple question but one perhaps with a complex solution. Would the establishment of a Kurdish nation, encompassing the regions that are currently part of Turkey, Iraq and Syria, be an answer to the advancing ISIS forces? would this nation be more stable and more respectful of the rights of citizens who are not Kurds? We have seen Kurdish fighters protecting people who are not Kurds in the present struggle. Would exiled Kurds go home to help establish this 'nation?' In these difficult times, we need to look for new answers to an age old problem.

Lamb's fry with bacon and asparagus and then some---why would you NOT love it?

Many people are put off by the idea of eating 'liver---of any sort. OK, I don't generally go for the cow, sheep or pigs liver, but lamb's fry is a whole different 'ball game.' Here's my take on this cheap and tasty dish. Soak the lamb's fry in milk for a few hours if you wish and then toss it in cornflour and add some BBQ sauce. In a wok, frying pan (no---I didn't use my Airfryer for this one!)or your favourite pot, fry some onion and sliced mushrooms and chopped streaky bacon. (Do the amounts matter?---nah) Add some asparagus, salt, pepper and any other of your favourite spice---BUT----go easy as you don't want to overpower the delicate flavour of the lamb's fry. I used a pinch or two of Moroccan spice mix. A pinch of mixed herbs gives the dish a herbaceous background flavour too. Slice your lamb's fry and add it to the pan, adding water so that you create a delicious gravy. Simmer gently for about 10 minutes, then turn off the heat. Do not over-cook the lamb's fry. Enjoy and I hope that there are a few more of you out there who will now love lamb's fry and I apologize to those of you who wanted this kept a secret. Don't be selfish!