Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wondering when the weight loss will stop!

Mind you. I'm not complaining and it has settled down to less than a kilo a week now.  My aim is to get to 80 kilos by Xmas---that means another 7 to go. I think it is going to be hard, hence the next weapon in my arsenal. Hell, I hope I spelt that right----could have put an entirely different slant on things eh. The new weapon? Why, Pilates of course. My good friend, Lisa is helping me out. I went to her apartment yesterday and she showed me a few tricks. I didn't know I had those muscles. I am told they will be hurting this time tomorrow. It's not all about pounding and impact; it's more about using technique to stretch and bring back some tone to this aging body. My biggest surprise was finding out that I could sit cross-legged again on the floor. Remarkable feeling.
So, do I have nay regrets? NO---- I don't miss pigging out on food that was killing me, I don't miss the lack of energy, I don't miss taking all those pills, I don't miss calling my CPAC Machine (for sleep apnoea) 'Elle, because she has gone! I don't miss the big food bills and I can quite happily say that it is quite fun shopping for new clothes. Last night I even got a bit tiddly on one glass of wine. That was quite fun and inexpensive.
I am not saying that my solution for ridding myself of my former hugeness is for everyone. But for me, well--- I am most thankful for my chance to experience a new lease on life---a much longer one. Please feel free to comment, ask questions and contact me directly, through my website, if you wish.

Turkey's woes---we have seen it all before.

Turkey has a 'democratically' elected government, albeit one that has increasingly spurned some of the ideals that go along with such a government. The present leader is no doubt popular, particularly with those holding a more conservative and religious outlook. In the many rural areas his hold is almost total. Now that he has been in power for ten years and the country has a higher profile, he is beginning to go down a path that so many 'long term leaders' travel. He is becoming arrogant and possesses a sense that 'he is right' and that any opposition is based on groups who want to wreck the economy or image of the country.
Actually, he is doing a pretty good job of achieving that himself. Recent reports that journalists who oppose his autocratic rule are losing their jobs and ending up in prison are most disturbing. RT (Russian TV) has reported that his regime is targeting doctors and other medics who have been assisting those injured in the protests. This smells significantly like the events we witnesses from the despotic regime in Bahrain where torture and other inhumane acts were perpetrated on those opposing that regime. The question must be asked -----is Turkey about to return to a non-democratic past, all in the name of a leader who wishes to retain power? One hopes that the people of Turkey hold a very different view!