Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mr Key forgets---again! But don't get too prissy, Labour.

No doubt Labour will clamour for Mr Key's blood over the latter's latest 'brain fart.' It seems that Mr Key forgot what many would consider an important phone call. The position of head of our 'spy division' is an important  role and any hint of cronyism as the Labour Party claims, is an act to be avoided---by any party.
Before Labour gets too heated they should remember Mr Shearer's 'forgetfulness' re his account in an overseas bank. They should remember that Mr Key made relatively light of the event and even though some would say that Mr Key's omission is more serious, an over reaction on Labour's part will come back and bite them in the 'proverbial.' Yes, we expect Mr Banks to do his usual at every opportunity and then go down in flames with yet another indiscretion, but I would  like to think that the two main leaders would act with a bit more civility. Politics does not have to consist entirely of---'we got ya, now suck on that!' 

70,000 hits but 'feck all results,' as Mrs Brown would say!

Yes, 70,000 hits on my blogs sounds like a hell of a lot, but it simply is not transpiring that I am selling my books. Either, the books are fecked (Mrs Brown has a lot to answer for) or people just don’t read any more. I know that the prices are high and I shall change that. I shall also get them all onto Kindle soon and that will make them a lot cheaper, probably less than $5 each. I want to start processing my Sons of Orpheus series too, but not until I get some cash from sales. I am also re-editing ‘Roskill’ and that should be available in amore ‘teen’s friendly’ format, in other words a bit shorter.
Keep the hits coming and please pass on the link to your ‘circles along with my website. www.authorneilcoleman.com   Thanks for your support.
PS   I would also like to write a book about the process I have been going through re my bariatric surgery (big day tomorrow-----4th April).