Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Zealand grieves as the 'Cup,' moves out of sight! Lets get over it.

OK, it's get back to reality time, NZ. We almost had it but in the end, the better boat, or the more richly endowed campaign is going to win. That many NZers were associated with that 'win,' makes it just that much harder, but that is also the new reality of the world we live in. Would we rather have these skilled NZers staying in NZ, not having work or do we encourage Kiwis to travel and take up whatever challenges they can? Some of the benefits of Oracle's win (assuming they cross the line tomorrow ahead of our boat) will flow back to NZ so not all is lost. That the final victory is going to be on the water (unless NZ wins in the next race) is a good result. We must as a nation admire the true grit shown by Oracle. When nearly everyone had written them off, they have bounced back and learnt their lessons well. What better example could NZ emulate in the future? So, come-on NZ; get over this loss and move on. There are many more challenges out there so let us line up and take them on, hopefully with better results. We do not give up when the clouds gather, so do what you can tomorrow and who knows---we have enjoyed miraculous wins in the past. Just let the final countdown happen on the water, not in the courts! Whatever the result----life goes on and won't it be nice, getting our mornings back.

Translating some of my blogs

Over the next few weeks you will notice some of my blogs are appearing in different languages. We will not be using the 'translation' button because quite frankly, they are crap! So I shall be getting friends and colleagues to do the 'hard yaker.' That could be really interesting and at least a bit of fun, because God knows what some of my friends will actually write. Hope they don't tell tales about me!

Do ya get the feeling that the 'Cup' is staying in the USA---they will use the courts if the water fails them!

I do not wish to sound negative but I am getting a distinct feeling that if Team Oracle doesn’t win today they will embark on e ‘do or die’ effort in the courts to reverse in victory form Team NZ today. This is a pity and in a sense I hope that they win on the water than use the latter method of retaining the Cup. It is a sad indictment on the history of this famous regatta that disputes are not limited to the water and the court has been a pathway that is too easily travelled. Fir Kiwis, this is not the way we operate, but no doubt we would rise to the occasion if push comes to shove.
Today, Dean and his boys have their last chance to win the Cup, but even if they do so in the first race of the day (That will have taken place by the time most of you have read this!) the ‘litigation brigade’ will be strutting their stuff.
Maybe those countries who were contemplating coming to NZ for a defence of the Cup, should we win it, could band together and design a regatta that represents the true meaning of ‘sportsmanship.’ I am sure the whole structure could be such that only the sporting body that controlled such an event could maintain a distance from legal action beyond that body.
Oh well, let’s see what the result is today!

Maybe I should take my solar oven and move to Australia. What ya reckon mate?

It's becoming overtly obvious that my attempts to get my solar oven to reach a temperature approaching something like a 'cookable' level are going to met with failure on an epic scale. OK, you say---it's not exactly summer! Well no, it isn't but when, how and for God's sake will it ever be an opportune time in which I can 'play the Survival Kid?' I am impatient and I want results, now damn it. What if my life depended on it in some sort of post apocalypse heave of history? I'd be stuffed and destined to eyeing up my mates with the view of consuming them in a battle of 'do or die.'
Jeeze, step back I say to my reflection in the mirror. Surely I will not stoop to such low levels.
Maybe I should move to Australia. Would I not be following the example of many of my compatriots? Would not the sunny and often extremely hot climes of the 'lucky country' suit the 'specs' of my solar oven? I would even find multiple friends, all speaking about their decks in that Kiwi accent that Aussies love to mock? I could invite Aussies to a Barbie, featuring my oven and with their 'hot air' adding to the efficacy of the said little miracle, even we could cook up a storm. As I sit typing this blog, listening to the raging storm, playing havoc on my deck (yes you heard right) and wondering when I will ever test my little oven, the idea of actually receiving enough hot sun  is indeed a compelling thought. Watch out coussies bros---I'm on my way. I just hope that customs let me through and don't confiscate my 'precious.'