Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Zealand grieves as the 'Cup,' moves out of sight! Lets get over it.

OK, it's get back to reality time, NZ. We almost had it but in the end, the better boat, or the more richly endowed campaign is going to win. That many NZers were associated with that 'win,' makes it just that much harder, but that is also the new reality of the world we live in. Would we rather have these skilled NZers staying in NZ, not having work or do we encourage Kiwis to travel and take up whatever challenges they can? Some of the benefits of Oracle's win (assuming they cross the line tomorrow ahead of our boat) will flow back to NZ so not all is lost. That the final victory is going to be on the water (unless NZ wins in the next race) is a good result. We must as a nation admire the true grit shown by Oracle. When nearly everyone had written them off, they have bounced back and learnt their lessons well. What better example could NZ emulate in the future? So, come-on NZ; get over this loss and move on. There are many more challenges out there so let us line up and take them on, hopefully with better results. We do not give up when the clouds gather, so do what you can tomorrow and who knows---we have enjoyed miraculous wins in the past. Just let the final countdown happen on the water, not in the courts! Whatever the result----life goes on and won't it be nice, getting our mornings back.

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