Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Maybe I should take my solar oven and move to Australia. What ya reckon mate?

It's becoming overtly obvious that my attempts to get my solar oven to reach a temperature approaching something like a 'cookable' level are going to met with failure on an epic scale. OK, you say---it's not exactly summer! Well no, it isn't but when, how and for God's sake will it ever be an opportune time in which I can 'play the Survival Kid?' I am impatient and I want results, now damn it. What if my life depended on it in some sort of post apocalypse heave of history? I'd be stuffed and destined to eyeing up my mates with the view of consuming them in a battle of 'do or die.'
Jeeze, step back I say to my reflection in the mirror. Surely I will not stoop to such low levels.
Maybe I should move to Australia. Would I not be following the example of many of my compatriots? Would not the sunny and often extremely hot climes of the 'lucky country' suit the 'specs' of my solar oven? I would even find multiple friends, all speaking about their decks in that Kiwi accent that Aussies love to mock? I could invite Aussies to a Barbie, featuring my oven and with their 'hot air' adding to the efficacy of the said little miracle, even we could cook up a storm. As I sit typing this blog, listening to the raging storm, playing havoc on my deck (yes you heard right) and wondering when I will ever test my little oven, the idea of actually receiving enough hot sun  is indeed a compelling thought. Watch out coussies bros---I'm on my way. I just hope that customs let me through and don't confiscate my 'precious.'

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