Monday, September 23, 2013

Getting ROSKILL out there. I need your help.

ROSKILL---How do I get it out there? I know my book is selling on Kindle, but slowly. I am about to pay good money for a publicist. That's  something I would never have considered this time last year, but do it I must, because basically all I do is push keys on my computer and 'hope' that I am achieving coverage. Clearly this is not working as I would, like so I shall take the plunge and take the high road.
To those of you who have downloaded ROSKILL AND written reviews, I send a huge thanks and an imaginary bunch of flowers. Please send on the link  and follow the link from Book Shop and click on the Kindle version of ROSKILL.
We are exploring  the possibility of Amazon offering a hard cover option soon and will add TALK TO ME in the very near future.
To my many readers overseas (and of course in NZ) I ask respectfully for you to pass on the link to your circles.
Finally, I have many old copies of what I now call 'substandard' versions of some of my books and I am happy to give them away (as long as you pay the postage). If you are in Auckland, you can pick them up. Just contact me through my website. I give them away on the proviso that you know that they contain errors and in the hope that you can enjoy the stories and write a review on Amazon. The Kindle version is of course the better option.

PS.  I think you will see far fewer blogs about the America's Cup from now on as I reclaim my 'mornings.'

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