Saturday, July 19, 2014

I am not a fan of John Key, but I am not comfortable about how Kim Dotcom influences our politics!

The spectre of KDC making a joke about how he is going to 'drop a bombshell,' that will remove John Key from power is disturbing. To those of you who say that it doesn't matter how it is done or that the ends justifies the means, then I say----that is not the NZ way. When we embark on such pathways the losers are---us---the nation. I have a terrible nagging feeling that we are entering a whole new level of political behaviour, at the behest of a person who cannot himself stand for Parliament, a person who has a 'haze of questionable' behaviour as his supposed halo. Is this the way we want to run our democratic process? Think carefully about the ramifications of his actions or before you label me as a 'Tory!' Just read my other blogs and come to your own conclusions about that label! The upcoming election should be about policy, not some sideshow, orchestrated by the money from an 'import,' albeit a temporary one, who uses our processes for his own ends. What gets me is the fact that so many have been sucked in, via the misunderstanding that he represents a 'bastion of freedom.' Yes, he has impacted on the questionable actions of our secret services and on some of the behaviours of our Prime Minister, but the circus he is orchestrat9ng is one that will not add to our national psyche.' If you have such momentous news, Mr KDC, then present it now--so we the voters can take the time to generate our own opinions as to the 'truth' of your words! If you are indeed correct, we then have time to send our votes in the direction of candidates who believe in a genuinely better, fairer New Zealand.

The Islamic State--what a wonderful future for its citizens!

If anyone had any doubts about how life would be in a future Islamic Sate, then they need look no further than events as they are unfolding now. If you are a Christian and you live in the area under their 'benign' control, then you better be prepared to 'convert' or die---simple. Hell, isn't that a little bit like the Spanish Conquistadors of 'yesteryear!? It seems that intolerance, ignorance, extremism and religious colonialism is alive and well. The moderates of this world are in danger of being superseded by a modern day 'terrorists state;' that is if we let them. In the meantime, events in Syria, Iraq and the Ukraine, point the way to a future we do not want and must resist.

Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine showing us just how low they can go!

To those people supporting the claims of the separatists in eastern Ukraine to have their own nation, then they need look no further as to how this 'state' will operate than by observing their inhumane, uncivilized behaviour since the downing of the Malaysian plane a few days ago. This ugly disparate group that has denied full access to the 'death site,' is tantamount to behaviours we expect from the Taliban or other extremist groups. Most of us thought that this group was a step above the Boko Harams of this world, but we are obviously wrong. That Putin supports this group also tells us much about his aspirations. It is time for the international community to stand up to the bullies of this world. (Yes, some of you say that includes some of the actions of the USA and Israel) Europe is well enmeshed with the Russian economy---maybe it is time to look further afield for their energy use and supply, given the events of late. Perhaps this is the time to accelerate the use of alternate fuels and cut loose from depending on those regions who are on a daily basis exhibiting the most gross of attacks on human rights. Putin, for his part must pull back from his clandestine supply of sophisticated weapons to this group that appears to be capable of enacting the lowest forms of brutality. Let the growing level of disgust rise to a clarion call for action and put a stop to the megalomaniac leader who supports the murder of innocent travellers. The good people of Russia need to take a close look at their leader, but all the signs are there, that they once again have embraced a cruel leader, best consigned to their already tragic history.

Austrailia mourns at the senseless loss of life!

Australians are angry, and rightly so at the terrible loss of life when the Russian backed separatists shot down the Malaysian airliner. That the Russians provided the means to do so makes them culpable and no words for Putin can change that. His promises and protestations mean nothing. That the Australian Government called the Russian Trade Minister in to 'talk' is just the beginning of a process that may well see Putin banned from attending an important meeting to be held later in the year in Australia. Along with the Malaysia, Indonesians, and of course the Dutch--there will be a coordinated response to this latest act of international terrorism and Putin must get the message. He will of course try to deflect this act, by putting attention back on other world 'hotspots' but that will fail. We all know about those issues, including Israel's invasion of Gaza, that never-ending 'thorn in the side of the Middle East, but Russia must face up to the part it has played in the Ukrainian problem. Shifting the blame to the Government in Kiev will not work, although that Government too, has a part to play in finding a solution to the aspirations of various parts of this nation. Russia, Ukraine and the wider region has had its wake-up call. Enough is enough. Europe must take action in the form of 'real sanctions,' or Russia will encourage this to happen again. In the interest of balance, let not this latest act of violence take away from the other pressing issues that face the world. Let us not take to focus off the unresolved issue of the Palestinians and Israelis, or the part the USA plays in world events. We must use this sadness to make sure that the international community comes together to expose and resolve the many issues facing us.