Saturday, July 19, 2014

I am not a fan of John Key, but I am not comfortable about how Kim Dotcom influences our politics!

The spectre of KDC making a joke about how he is going to 'drop a bombshell,' that will remove John Key from power is disturbing. To those of you who say that it doesn't matter how it is done or that the ends justifies the means, then I say----that is not the NZ way. When we embark on such pathways the losers are---us---the nation. I have a terrible nagging feeling that we are entering a whole new level of political behaviour, at the behest of a person who cannot himself stand for Parliament, a person who has a 'haze of questionable' behaviour as his supposed halo. Is this the way we want to run our democratic process? Think carefully about the ramifications of his actions or before you label me as a 'Tory!' Just read my other blogs and come to your own conclusions about that label! The upcoming election should be about policy, not some sideshow, orchestrated by the money from an 'import,' albeit a temporary one, who uses our processes for his own ends. What gets me is the fact that so many have been sucked in, via the misunderstanding that he represents a 'bastion of freedom.' Yes, he has impacted on the questionable actions of our secret services and on some of the behaviours of our Prime Minister, but the circus he is orchestrat9ng is one that will not add to our national psyche.' If you have such momentous news, Mr KDC, then present it now--so we the voters can take the time to generate our own opinions as to the 'truth' of your words! If you are indeed correct, we then have time to send our votes in the direction of candidates who believe in a genuinely better, fairer New Zealand.

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