Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine showing us just how low they can go!

To those people supporting the claims of the separatists in eastern Ukraine to have their own nation, then they need look no further as to how this 'state' will operate than by observing their inhumane, uncivilized behaviour since the downing of the Malaysian plane a few days ago. This ugly disparate group that has denied full access to the 'death site,' is tantamount to behaviours we expect from the Taliban or other extremist groups. Most of us thought that this group was a step above the Boko Harams of this world, but we are obviously wrong. That Putin supports this group also tells us much about his aspirations. It is time for the international community to stand up to the bullies of this world. (Yes, some of you say that includes some of the actions of the USA and Israel) Europe is well enmeshed with the Russian economy---maybe it is time to look further afield for their energy use and supply, given the events of late. Perhaps this is the time to accelerate the use of alternate fuels and cut loose from depending on those regions who are on a daily basis exhibiting the most gross of attacks on human rights. Putin, for his part must pull back from his clandestine supply of sophisticated weapons to this group that appears to be capable of enacting the lowest forms of brutality. Let the growing level of disgust rise to a clarion call for action and put a stop to the megalomaniac leader who supports the murder of innocent travellers. The good people of Russia need to take a close look at their leader, but all the signs are there, that they once again have embraced a cruel leader, best consigned to their already tragic history.

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