Sunday, July 6, 2014

Soup for a winter's day in my Sheffield soup-maker.

It is winter in New Zealand. For Auckland, that means we feel cold when the sun is hiding, it is grey and drizzly and the temperature is about 12-13C. The 'southerners call us names, but we are pretty hard-skinned about that---eh, Cantabrians! It doesn't matter where you live when it comes to 'comfort food' and if is healthy to boot, then we are all winners. Try this one out. OK, Fist, go and buy your Sheffield soup maker. I got mine online and it a fair bit cheaper that way. I saw what I paid $76, about $25 cheaper than from a store. Yes, it's a 'cheepy' and if you treat it right (and not do what I did with the first one I brought--causing the power to crash three times!) it more then does the trick. Take a head of broccoli, some cooked pumpkin, a can of chickpeas (drained), a generous spoon of stock powder-- any sort will work, a small teaspoon of curry powder, white pepper and salt if you wish. I also added a tablespoon of low fat cream cheese. Top the mixture up with water, to the mark on the side (or you will blow it up like I did previously with the first one I brought!) Turn it to smooth or chunky and let it rip. 30mminute later you will have a lips-smackingly great soup. You will want to curl up with a book and sip away on your soup. The world is good, except I have to go out again soon to meet a client, then of course, take Perdy for yet another walk. What the hell is winter to her---just another day!

Snippets from New Zealand the day after I forgot!

To be honest, not much jumped for me today other than a very good speech from David Cunliffe at the Labour Party Congress, this weekend. Go check it out on my FB page! BUT--some things sort of grabbed me. 1) Kim Dotttycom appeared on a pretty low form of advertising and I still doubt whether it really is him or someone just taking the piss. Go seek under the heading--'Suck this!' 2) The USA is about to ban people taking 'uncharged' Samsung Galaxy, I pad and some other forms of electronics, apparently because they could pose a threat to the planes---does that mean that nasty terrorists are going to be smuggling bombs on board disguised as one of the above? Not a nice thought if you are travelling. 3) Most important of me was the portent that I have the capacity to forget my pin-number at crucial moments, causing embarrassment and then needing to waste time, explaining to incredulous staff at the bank, later today, that I have also lost my memory re the credit card---I have several numbers in mind and I shall fess up and get that fixed too. The result will be on TV tonight! BUT---I have a solution: I shall tell Perdy and she will 'bark' the numbers in future! Am I barking mad?---hell yes!

I am geting old or stupid---take ya pick!

I had a very embarrassing moment today! After my second walk of the day with Perdy, I dropped into the fruit shop to buy some ---yes, fruit and veggies. Funny that, eh. I picked up some apples, milk and a few other bits and pieces and took them up to the counter. Out came my trusty EFTPOS card. I stuck in the numbers---well no, I didn't---not the correct ones. Silly me., I tired again and then the panic kicked in. I was consumed with the effort of trying to remember the 4 numbers. I tried three times and by then people behind me were starting to look at me as if I was a criminal. I could just see them thinking---which old lady did you steel that off mate?' I starting sweating with, I tried again and the lady serving me, who knows me quite well; we often exchange words---she is fascinated by my weight loss and always asks me how I am. She looked at me, not in an impatient manner, more one of bemusement. I stuttered a few words and tire d=to explain, conscious of the looks being directed at me from the ever increasing line behind me. Finally I muttered something about going to get some cash form the car and stumbled past the snotty-nosed judgmental people who had made up their minds that there was a victim lying somewhere, no doubt battered and bruised in some alleyway. My face must have reflected my mood because no one said a damn thing. Left the 'goods' on the counter, saying I would be back in a moment. I drove out of the car park and headed to the EFTPOS machine up the road. When I put my card in, once again panic took over and after the second try, the card was swallowed up. Yes I sad -FUCK! I was alone so I said it again. What the hell was happening?. My guests were due in a few hours and I didn't get what I had intended. By the time I arrive home I was in a quite state. Was I heading into some sort of early dementia? I sat on the sofa and th9ught for a few minutes. Damned if the numbers would comer back to me. I slowly returned to some kind of equilibrium and looked in the cupboard, for the makings of a desert. I found some raisins and then added two apples and cooked them up, added some rum and put a crumble on the top and baked it. Wow--the smell was fantastic. Guess what---I suddenly remembered to numbers! Oh well--I guess I shall be going to get a new card in the morning and yes, the meal went down well with my friends and they laughed at my terrible experience. I just hope its not a sign of things to come! So next time I forget the new numbers I shall just pretend I am cooking and the numbers will come back to me.