Sunday, July 6, 2014

Snippets from New Zealand the day after I forgot!

To be honest, not much jumped for me today other than a very good speech from David Cunliffe at the Labour Party Congress, this weekend. Go check it out on my FB page! BUT--some things sort of grabbed me. 1) Kim Dotttycom appeared on a pretty low form of advertising and I still doubt whether it really is him or someone just taking the piss. Go seek under the heading--'Suck this!' 2) The USA is about to ban people taking 'uncharged' Samsung Galaxy, I pad and some other forms of electronics, apparently because they could pose a threat to the planes---does that mean that nasty terrorists are going to be smuggling bombs on board disguised as one of the above? Not a nice thought if you are travelling. 3) Most important of me was the portent that I have the capacity to forget my pin-number at crucial moments, causing embarrassment and then needing to waste time, explaining to incredulous staff at the bank, later today, that I have also lost my memory re the credit card---I have several numbers in mind and I shall fess up and get that fixed too. The result will be on TV tonight! BUT---I have a solution: I shall tell Perdy and she will 'bark' the numbers in future! Am I barking mad?---hell yes!

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