Thursday, September 6, 2012

Perdy (alias Spot) exercising and pretending obediance!

What, Perdy, star of 'Talk To Me,' alias Spot, pretending to obey me? The pictures lie. She was just acting for the cmaera.
 I was wlaking perdy down at the Bay and a guy got out of his car with a flash camefra and starting shooting.
Naturally, I had to give him my card as I am trying to get over my natural 'shyness' at taking every opportunity to push my books. Lo and behold, I get home and he had already sent me an email with the pictures attached.
 Nice one William---your'e the star.

'Talk To Me'--- at the printer

Yes--- look for 'Talk To Me' late next week (September 14th) and get your orders in. Contacting me direct at will get you a discount. You can order it through website too.  
Don't forget to order 'Roskill' too. 'Coastal Yarns', new edition will follow in a few weeks.
 What then?---I shall be working on 'Sons of Orpheus.'