Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Solar Oven has arrived---now what to test?

Now that my Solar Flair oven has arrived and all unpacked I shall launch into my testing ' programme.  (Cost, so far---NZ$209)The first thing I noticed was that the only instructions were for the pasteurization kit; OK water is an essential survival need. I reflected for a moment and contacted NZ Survivor (The place that ebrightenergy.co.nz told me to get the oven. I thought---OMG --am I dealing with a pack of 'preppies,' like on TV---you know those ones that have hippie-like glazed over eyes and predicting the end of the world? No, don't worry, I haven't gone nuts!
The package contained the oven which folds down into an easy carry pack and two racks and cooking pots.
Right, so I don't have an instruction manual, but I doubt that matters. I just Googgled the oven and sure enough there are heaps of Yanks out there in the desert who love to show how to use the oven, complete with bloody Rattle Snakes. Thank God I live in Auckland , NZ. However one yet to be answered question must be--Will Auckland's less extreme climes be suitable for cooking at the necessary temperature? The dudes on YouTube were talking about the oven preheating to about 200F. I remember the old scale and if I am correct, boiling point on that scale is 212F. I suppose I sort of halve that for Celsius. Now I shall test the oven on Saturday, so long as I can get 3 hours plus of full sun. I am going to jump in the deep end (yes, I shall stick up pictures of my adventure!) and cook a Moroccan chicken casserole. Why walk when I can run--- Right? If I poison myself you will have an end to my crazy ADVENTURE!

"Flying Dutchmen, ' well now we have the 'rocket propelled Kiwis.'

What a sight to behold on SF Bay today. The Kiwis started badly and it looked like it was ‘over Rover,’ but then the Kiwis took off. I was in our staffroom where our DP told us that we could watch the race (America’s/New Zealand’s Cup) before going to our department meetings. What unifying uplifting experience to be with colleagues and seeing Team NZ take it to the Oracle team. The unbelievable became possible as our big ‘cat’ skimmed across the waves, giving the Americans a ‘brown eye,’ as we say in NZ. After that, the Kiwis were impossible to catch. Glorious sight my clever compatriots. Bring back that cup---to Auckland.  OK, I shall calm down as I await the next race. Just keep winning one a day and by the weekend---it will be ours---again! This weekend could be one hell of a dream-time, down at the Viaduct.

The new Iphone---a cheaper version---great?.

I wonder how many people, espeically the young and---you know the rest, will buy one of the new cheap version of this iconic phone. Sometimes I wonder if the phone itself is a mere accessory for some people. Mean of me you say. Really? Just watch how mnay people will display their cheap new phones when they are out in public. Watch out for the flash new cover over covers, disguising the real thing beneath the 'plastic.' Oh, I have gone too far, you say.  Time will tell. In the menatime, I shall continue to use my cheap version of the Samsung Galexy and I won't give a hoot as to who sees, watches or passes judgment on my little 'cheapie.' It's good to be older and less encumbered by fasion, sometimes!

Labour 'leadership candidates' determined to keep it clean!

There is no doubt that David Cunliffe’s quick action signalled that all three are sticking with the plan in the Labour Party leadership contest; that is to keep clear of personal attacks. Perhaps the more cynical would say that Davis merely used this move to portray himself as decisive and that he can lead from the front.
A more generous view would be that he indeed wants to keep it clean. Whilst the person in the middle of the latest rather tame pronouncements from David’s team (Grant Robertson) was slightly bemused, one could still adhere to the position that the actions taken were necessary. I very much doubt that the person ‘fired’ for her opinion will stay unemployed for long. One does not throw away good people, certainly not for something so far down the chain in terms of indiscretion.
Labour has almost completed the process where they chose their new leader and it has to be said that so far, it has been a successful exercise in promoting how the party can be; one united and quite different from their Australian counterparts. Something is missing in that party, apart from the ‘u’ in their name!
However, we should not get too carried away as the New Zealand Labour Party also has it’s natural divisions between ‘left and right,’ union and technocrats, just to mention a few. The personalities too, will always provide fodder for future struggles. In the meantime, they need to stick to the current path and present themselves as a true alternative to the present government. The prize is there for the taking, if only they can hold it together.