Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Solar Oven has arrived---now what to test?

Now that my Solar Flair oven has arrived and all unpacked I shall launch into my testing ' programme.  (Cost, so far---NZ$209)The first thing I noticed was that the only instructions were for the pasteurization kit; OK water is an essential survival need. I reflected for a moment and contacted NZ Survivor (The place that ebrightenergy.co.nz told me to get the oven. I thought---OMG --am I dealing with a pack of 'preppies,' like on TV---you know those ones that have hippie-like glazed over eyes and predicting the end of the world? No, don't worry, I haven't gone nuts!
The package contained the oven which folds down into an easy carry pack and two racks and cooking pots.
Right, so I don't have an instruction manual, but I doubt that matters. I just Googgled the oven and sure enough there are heaps of Yanks out there in the desert who love to show how to use the oven, complete with bloody Rattle Snakes. Thank God I live in Auckland , NZ. However one yet to be answered question must be--Will Auckland's less extreme climes be suitable for cooking at the necessary temperature? The dudes on YouTube were talking about the oven preheating to about 200F. I remember the old scale and if I am correct, boiling point on that scale is 212F. I suppose I sort of halve that for Celsius. Now I shall test the oven on Saturday, so long as I can get 3 hours plus of full sun. I am going to jump in the deep end (yes, I shall stick up pictures of my adventure!) and cook a Moroccan chicken casserole. Why walk when I can run--- Right? If I poison myself you will have an end to my crazy ADVENTURE!

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