Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Flying Dutchmen, ' well now we have the 'rocket propelled Kiwis.'

What a sight to behold on SF Bay today. The Kiwis started badly and it looked like it was ‘over Rover,’ but then the Kiwis took off. I was in our staffroom where our DP told us that we could watch the race (America’s/New Zealand’s Cup) before going to our department meetings. What unifying uplifting experience to be with colleagues and seeing Team NZ take it to the Oracle team. The unbelievable became possible as our big ‘cat’ skimmed across the waves, giving the Americans a ‘brown eye,’ as we say in NZ. After that, the Kiwis were impossible to catch. Glorious sight my clever compatriots. Bring back that cup---to Auckland.  OK, I shall calm down as I await the next race. Just keep winning one a day and by the weekend---it will be ours---again! This weekend could be one hell of a dream-time, down at the Viaduct.

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