Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Dear Leader's hackers can do this?---what else can the henchmen of North Korea do?

It seems that Hollywood and the Sony Corporation in particular had folded under pressure. The nasty deeds of Kim Baby's dirty little henchmen have reached out from the 'hidden kingdom, that is if they actually work from within the confines of that secluded hell-hole, 'making real waves in the entertainment industry; ones that have sent shivers through hearts of the big names in Sony. Naturally the actors in the film that offended, have come out swinging, claiming that their bosses have curtailed their freedom to express their artistic freedom. I cannot help wonder why the USA Government has not come out a bit more strongly on this issue. Are they not telling us something?---- ops, the 'conspiracy theory' hat is a bit tight maybe, but it does seem strange that a huge company, with GDP nearly twice that of the 'Democratic Republic of North Korea,' much of that latter Government's spending going on unnecessary nuclear adventures, bows down to the threats of hacking 'conglomerate!' AS I said in a previous post, if NK gest away with this, what else are we, nations, companies or even individuals in for? Forget about some of the issues we fought for---in comparison, this latest threat is symbolic of a potential scenario that taunts the mind as to its possibilities. Watch this space because there is much that is not yet apparent!