Sunday, November 25, 2012

'My kid is not in a gang, but I am.'--Yeah, great message eh!

The ‘big gentle non-gang-member’ (according to his father) who was stabbed and now cannot be operated on because of the position of the bone that was forced up into his brain, has a parent who is in a gang, along with two other family members.
Is that not a message to this ‘caring’ father? --- get yourself out of the gangs and be the role model your boys need! Your boy was walking innocently along a Wanganui street and was viciously assaulted by a Black Power member. This underworld does not just affect other gang members. The rest of us have to put up with the actions that can only be described as criminal, no matter what explanation that ‘experts’ have for gang membership. Even I have alluded to the lack of family life and how young people are driven from dysfunctional homes, seeking a ‘family’ that cares for them.
Unfortunately joining this new family comes with a price attached. It means breaking the law and making other peoples’ lives unsafe and the rest of us are at risk from the illegal and often violent activities.
We can put in all the resources in the world to help affected families but in the end some hard decisions need to be made by parents and wannabe gang members. It is heart-breaking seeing kids going down the road of gang membership and into a life that is very hard to come back from.
 I hear of desperate parents, moving house and town in order to get away from gangs, but sometimes, the trouble follows them.  Is that what happened in Wanganui?

NZ SAS 'could' have provided the 'intellegence' for attack say Key

Does Mr Key really think that providing the ‘intelligence’  behind the killing of a Taliban leader who was thought to be responsible for the death of three NZ personnel is going to make it safer for our troops over in Afghanistan? He is way off the mark. The killing of one Taliban leader or for that matter, multiple members of the organization is going to make in difference in the long run, then he is deluded.
I have always thought that any ‘revenge’ tactics on NZ’s part is just playing into the hands of these medieval throwbacks. Nothing we do is going to change the manner in which they operate. The deaths of their colleagues are just going to spur them on even more. There are plenty more where they came from---- that’s a sad fact of life when it comes to dealing to the Taliban and the sooner we get the hell out of there the better.
I know that women, girls and children will be the main sufferers when the ‘coalition’ leaves, but surely we must put the lives of our own above this wasted military adventure. It is a road to nowhere and history certainly should have taught us this---ooops=====we don’t learn from that!
Revenge, Utu, call it what you like. It isn't pretty!

'Housing for New Zealanders first!'

Labour’s 100,000 houses in ten years policy is worth considering, but it would be even better of the present government got off its butt and did something now. For a start, they could look at a capital gains tax, even if that at first is only for foreign buyers; the ones who are forcing up the price of housing so that many New Zealanders can no longer get into the market.
How many of you have heard of people going to countless auctions only to be out bid by overseas bidders, many of whom are not even resident in NZ. This has to stop. Where the hell is Winston Peters on this on? He has been quiet for too long. Come on Winston, we need you!
The national Government seems to be staring at an oncoming train, unable or/and unwilling to act. What are they gaining from this inaction? Maybe they are once again trying to placate their rich mates and that forlorn lone voice of the Act Party. New Zealanders deserve so much better. It is too long to wait for the next election. Too much damage will be done while we are waiting. Of course we need to take Labour’s new announcements with a grain of salt too. We have been disappointed on that front too in the past.