Sunday, November 25, 2012

NZ SAS 'could' have provided the 'intellegence' for attack say Key

Does Mr Key really think that providing the ‘intelligence’  behind the killing of a Taliban leader who was thought to be responsible for the death of three NZ personnel is going to make it safer for our troops over in Afghanistan? He is way off the mark. The killing of one Taliban leader or for that matter, multiple members of the organization is going to make in difference in the long run, then he is deluded.
I have always thought that any ‘revenge’ tactics on NZ’s part is just playing into the hands of these medieval throwbacks. Nothing we do is going to change the manner in which they operate. The deaths of their colleagues are just going to spur them on even more. There are plenty more where they came from---- that’s a sad fact of life when it comes to dealing to the Taliban and the sooner we get the hell out of there the better.
I know that women, girls and children will be the main sufferers when the ‘coalition’ leaves, but surely we must put the lives of our own above this wasted military adventure. It is a road to nowhere and history certainly should have taught us this---ooops=====we don’t learn from that!
Revenge, Utu, call it what you like. It isn't pretty!

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